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The opposition asks for more changes and Milei does not reach the May Pact with the Bases Law and the fiscal package

In parallel with the resumption of the plenary session of committees in the Senate, in which union leaders and other speakers questioned the draft Bases Law and the fiscal package, the Government opened negotiations to discuss the changes with the opponents called dialogueists to the text approved in Deputies. These conversations have just started, so the debate times would be extended.

With a handful of key senators without defining their positions until they know what modifications the Government will accept and how the wording of those articles will be, At the moment the ruling party does not have the votes guaranteed to guarantee a victory in the venue, which is why it did not define what day the opinions will be signed and therefore neither the date of the session.

Bartolomé Abdala, head of the General Legislation commission, accepted that guests could continue exhibiting until Thursday. At first, the ruling party had the intention of issuing the opinions last week and then this Tuesday, which became more complicated and was practically ruled out. This Wednesday, in turn, Nicolás Posse – Chief of Staff – will give his management report in the Senate.

“We are conversing. We will move forward when the votes are in.”said to Clarion a member of La Libertad Avanza. The first days of treatment in the Upper House had passed without concrete negotiations. The radical Maximiliano Abad had noted this this Sunday. “There is no management of the law by the ruling party. “He listens but does not act so that the Government has its law,” he put pressure.

At the beginning of the week there was more movement. José Rolandi -vice chief of staff- passed by the Senate this Monday to discuss possible changes to the projects. Radical senators received calls from officials. The pro-government legislators also tested their peers around the Blue Room. However, drafts with the possible agreed wording of the corrected articles have not yet been circulated.

In the UCR bloc, the meeting of Guillermo Francos – Minister of the Interior – and Eduardo Lule Menem with Martín Lousteau, one of the coreligionists most critical of the content of the projects, had caused discomfort. Carolina Losada had questioned it publicly, and others continued to point to the ruling party for that bilateral meeting: “They disorder what is ordered. Now it is logical that we all make our proposals”.

Lousteau asked “discuss accordingly” and make corrections, mainly in the chapters of the large investment incentive regime (RIGI), Profits and money laundering, among other points. Pablo Blanco, another wayward radical, conditioned his general support on modifying two articles, so as not to eliminate special regimes and tax exceptions for Tierra del Fuego.

Among the senators that the ruling party seeks to seduce, dissident Peronists appear Carlos Espínola and Edgardo Kueider. The man from Entre Ríos transmitted a series of requests for changes in delegated powers, energy, labor reform, administrative procedure, RIGI and privatizations. With the demand, in turn, of a commitment so that the new text is ratified in Deputies and not that in that chamber the legislators insist on the half sanction.

On the map of the ruling party, in addition to the PRO and Cambio Federal (Juan Carlos Romero), the missionaries Carlos Arce and Sonia Rojas Decut, the Cordoba native Alejandra Vigo and the Rio Negro Mónica Silva appear as allies. Negotiations were also opened with Lucila Crexell from Neuquén and José Carambia and Natalia Gadano from Santa Cruz.

Within the PRO, Guadalupe Tagliaferri differentiated herself from the rest of the block with criticism and demands for modifications. Unión por la Patria, with 33 senators, is also trying to gather the number for the rejection. With this panorama, more adverse than the one initially projected by the Government, the ruling party resigned himself to accepting changes to avoid the fall of the projects, although they should return to Deputies.

“There may be corrections, but not everything they are asking for. “We are not going to allow them to mutilate the laws.”clarified a libertarian senator. In any case, the Government already sees that Javier Milei will not have a sanction before the 25th of this month, for the May Pact.

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