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The only question that the CEO of Microsoft asks to test any artificial intelligence

Satya Nadella often asks for a translation of a historical poem.

One of the tech firms that was best positioned in the race of the generative artificial intelligence It was Microsoft, thanks to the million-dollar investment in OpenAI. The rise of the firm at the hands of ChatGPT It was dizzying and today is one of the world references.

In a new interview, Microsoft CEO, Satya NadellaHe was very open about his views on AI and the path Microsoft is taking to evolve its products around it. AI-based tools.

One of the queries was what is the specific question you ask to test the prowess of a new AI model. The answer is related to Jalaluddin Rumifamous Persian Muslim poet, Islamic scholar.

There is a query that I always use as a reference. Machine translation has been with us for a long time and has achieved many great benchmarks, but it doesn’t have the finesse to capture a deep meaning in poetry”Nadella told Wired.

When ChatGPT convinced him of its great potential. Photo REUTERS.

He considered it a suitable test for an advanced AI model like GPT-4 to see if it just returned a machine translation like all systems or preserved the translation. “sovereignty”as he put it, of Rumi’s work.

“How my childhood was spent in Hyderabad, India, I dreamed of being able to read Persian poetry, particularly Rumi’s work, which has been translated into Urdu and then into English. GPT-4 did it, in one fell swoop,” she adds.

The amazing thing was that it was not just a machine translation, but something that “preserved the sovereignty of poetry across the borders of two languages. And that’s really cool.”

the exact point

When he realized that AI could be a transformative technology.  AFP photo.

When he realized that AI could be a transformative technology. AFP photo.

And although everyone now knows the advantages that AI offers, there was a point where everything was uncertain. That’s why they asked him when he realized that AI could be a transformative technology.

“Going from GPT 2.5 to 3, we all started to see these emerging capabilities. She started to show effects of scale. We didn’t just train her to code, but she got really good at coding. That’s when I became a believer. I thought: this It’s really on.'”

Beyond the obvious benefits of AI, the industry has also been concerned about its use, even speaking in terms of “the destruction of humanity.”

And although Nadella understands the concerns and is aware of the impact it generates on society, he also admits that pausing it is not the solution.

“I have all the respect and all the time for anyone who says, ‘Let’s be thoughtful about all the tough challenges around roster, and make sure we don’t have runaway AI.’ If the AI ​​takes off, we’d better control it.”

And he added that the first time the steam engine was used and the factories were created, there was a lot of fear among the population.

“So whenever we get excited about a new technology, it’s great to think about the unintended consequences. That being said, at this point, instead of saying enough is enough, I would say that we should accelerate the work that needs to be done to create these alignments ”, warns the CEO.


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