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The objective of the corruption card mafia: to silence “Chocolate”

The case of “chocolate” Rigau challenges us all, But based on the new instances of the court case we have to be especially concerned about their personal safety.

As of today, after his search to be arrested, “Chocolate” is at risk of life: Your silence is worth more than your word.

It is clear that Rigau responds to his bosses, who protected him until now (with advice and influence), but it is obvious that they do not want him to testify in court and compromise them. Silencing “Chocolate” is the new objective of the mafia that sheltered him.

That is why it is imperative to convey to him that if he cooperated with Justice (within the framework of the repentant law 27,304) he could emerge unscathed from the process and help the entire Argentine society to know how politics is financed with public resources.

From Poder Ciudadano we will support all the “chocolates” who have information and want to help us unravel this tangle of corruption that cuts across all of Argentine politics. Until today, some silences are inexplicable.

I sincerely believe that as a repentant “chocolate” he will be safer than as a fugitive from Justice. It is enough to look at the cases of the recent repentants (Centeno, Manzanares or Fariña) to notice that they are not at risk to their lives. Public opinion monitors their cases, they are included in protection programs supervised by judicial authorities and they could even have changed their identities or have obtained some type of financial aid.

Instead, Rigau on the street will only receive the protection of the mafia group who led him to where he is and if he does not serve their designs, they will release his hand.

As a society, we do not have to lose our horizon. We are facing a case of corruption of enormous magnitude – perhaps only comparable to bribes in the senate or to the public works of Santa Cruz – but we must not forget that “chocolate” Rigau is not our objective, it is only a low link in a chain of complicities linked by a great pact of silence. We have to work to grant decent exits to all potential collaborators of Justice and concentrate on discovering the true masterminds of this corrupt plot.

I trust that we can break that pact and get good people to cooperate. As Edmund Burke said: For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

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