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The new sports Pandemic: when anxiety becomes another injury

In the eighth of Roland Garros with Tsurenko facing swiatek and a 5-1 to 1 in favor of this, consolidated number one in the world, the referee whistled the end before time. The Ukrainian tennis player Tsurenko asked to stop due to an anxiety attack.

It is already common to start seeing renowned elite athletes asking to stop for suffering these types of symptoms. It is not something new that did not happen before. It is something that is finally beginning to become visible and above all to normalize. As are muscle tears and cruciate ligament tears.

They began as isolated cases, surprising the society that had the image of the strong athlete where weakness had no place. With the new generations of athletes, a taboo has begun to be eliminated that also helps the rest of society.

It could be considered that mental health ceased to be taboo after the JJ.OO. Tokyo 2020 where simon biles marked a before and after. Biles decided to drop out of the Olympic Games because of the anxiety he suffered. This showed that this pathology It was already a compelling reason for elite athletes to ask to stop.

Simone Biles has not been the only one who has gone public with her mental health problems. athletes how Andres Iniesta, Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka either kevinlove They have confessed to having suffered from anxiety and depression, which is why their sports careers were affected.

For this reason, the best youth academies and academies in the world already make it a priority to prepare mental level to his young promises to try to prevent this type of potholes or at least teach them to know how to deal with it.

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