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The national team players insist that they will not respond to Montse Tomé’s call

The players of the women’s soccer team have issued a statement in which they doubt the time and manner in which the call for the new coach was made. Montse Tomé. Furthermore, they have insisted on their “will not to be summoned for justified reasons” for the selection.

The soccer players point out that what was expressed in a previous statement “makes clear and without any option for another interpretation” their “firm will not to be called up for justified reasons” and that “these statements remain fully valid.”

“What was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023, makes it clear and without any option for another interpretation of ours. firm will not to be summoned for justified reasons,” the statement states.

They insist that during the days following that statement, they have not transmitted “anything different to that to any member of the Real spanish soccer federation“, so they expressly ask “that the information that is transmitted publicly be rigorous”, in reference to the statements of Montse Tomé in which she assured: “I know that the players are going to be with us.”

Taking into account that not going to a national team call is a very serious infraction, with a fine and disqualification, the players assure: “We will study the possible legal consequences to which the RFEF exposes us by putting us on a list from which we had asked not to be called for reasons already explained publicly and in more detail to the RFEF, and with this make the best decision for our future and for our health.

Likewise, they consider that the call “has not been made in a timely manner, in accordance with article 3.2 of Annex I of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players“, so they understand that the RFEF “is not in a position” to demand that they “go to it.”

“We regret once again that our Federation places us in a situation that we would never have desired,” they conclude in their note.

On September 15, 39 players, including 21 of the 23 world champions, demanded from the RFEF the restructuring of the women’s football organization chart and they assured that the changes made in the body “are not enough for them to feel in a safe place.”

A few hours before the presentation and the list, the RFEF, now headed by the president of the managing committee, Pedro Rocha, published a statement in which it urged the national team’s players “to join the change led” by the organization. and guaranteed them “a safe environment” for his return to the team.

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