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The name is ‘nearsightedness’ and distant things appear blurry, what a mess! Clear your confusion regarding glasses number, distance and near vision today.

How to read Eyeglasses prescription | What are near and far glasses, what is the difference between them, know here.

How to read Eyeglasses prescription: Due to eye sight problem, some people cannot see distant things properly, while some have difficulty in seeing nearby things. For this, doctors advise to check their eyes and wear glasses. After eye examination, doctors ask to wear powered glasses on the basis of difficulty in vision. The number of glasses is sometimes in minus and sometimes in plus (minus and plus power of Glasses), which is called Power of Glasses. This happens according to whether the problem is far, near or both. Let us know the types of vision problems and what kind of lenses are recommended for them.

What are the plus and minus numbers of glasses, what is the difference between the two? How to know whether glasses have plus or minus number? Difference on Plus and Minus Number | How to read Eyeglasses prescription

Myopia or nearsightedness (glasses with minus numbers)

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When distant objects appear less or blurred, this condition is called myopia. In this type of visual defect, there is no problem in seeing nearby objects. This problem occurs due to the excessive length of the eyeball. Symptoms of myopia include not being able to see distant objects properly, children watching TV too close, frequent headaches, narrowing of the eyes. Due to high myopia, there is a risk of complete loss of vision. For this, doctors recommend wearing minus power glasses or contact lenses. For permanent treatment, LASIK surgery, fitting of lenses inside the eyes or photo-corrective surgery is done.

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Hypermetria or farsightedness (plus number glasses)

If nearby objects appear less or blurred then this condition is called hypermetria or farsightedness. In this condition the size of the eyeball becomes smaller. The reason for this could be heredity, high BP, ciliary muscles not functioning properly. Symptoms of hypermetria include headache, blurred vision, feeling tired, pressure on the eyes, binocular vision, trying to see by narrowing the eyes. For this, doctors recommend wearing plus power glasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery can be done for permanent treatment.

Many times, if both types of defects are found in vision, doctors also advise wearing bifocal or progressive glasses. These types of glasses include lenses used for both types of vision defects.

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Eliminate confusion by adding plus-minus numbers to glasses.

When you cannot see distant things, it is called myopia (nearsightedness). In this situation, glasses with minus number will be required. On the other hand, on the contrary, when you cannot see nearby things properly, you wear glasses with plus number.

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