Friday, September 29, 2023
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The musician Edwin Colón Zayas is hospitalized

The Puerto Rican musician, Edwin Colon Zayas is confined, but “stable” in the intensive care unit of a hospital institution.

As reported by his brother through the Cuatrista’s Instagram account “A small 9mm clot -sic- got on my head. My left side became numb and I lost strength in my legs. They have me confined in the intensive unit, but I am now stable.

The renowned “Master of Four” shared photographs in which he is seen with serum in his arm from a hospital stretcher.

“The neurologist tells me that I have to be calm, without much pressure, for three months and he told me that he forbade me to travel. So unfortunately, he went FUCK… Hawaii. But I’m going to Cuba in January.”said Colon Zayas.

Finally, he thanked his followers for their prayers for his speedy recovery. “See you soon there,” he assured.

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