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The most “embarrassing” edition of the Oxford-Cambridge: “There can’t be that much poop in the water”

The 169th edition of the Oxford-Cambridge Regattathe traditional rowing competition between the two most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom that has been held since 1829 – with the exceptions of the periods of the two world wars and the coronavirus pandemic – will always be remembered for the dirt in the River Thames and the presence of E. Coli bacteria.

The University of Cambridge won this Saturday in the two traditional regattas against Oxford students, in what was the 169th edition of the men’s race and the 78th of the women’s, but that takes a back seat to the dirtiness of the water, which prevented Ed BraceyCambridge’s coxswain, was thrown from the shore.

“Some of my mates contracted the bacteria and I vomited myself this morning, but I still decided to row. I’m not sure if it was the right decision. No It’s not good to have so much poop in the water.“said Lenny Jenkins, one of Oxford’s veterans, echoing the words of his University coach, Sean Bowden, who described the state of the river as a “national shame.”

Cambridge thus maintains its dominance over Oxford in recent years by winning the men’s race in five of the last six years, and doing so by a comfortable margin of more than ten seconds. Even more forceful is the dominance in the women’s eventas Cambridge has won for the seventh consecutive time with a 21-second lead.

In the second race (the men’s), when there were a few meters left to finish and having already passed the Barnes Bridge, the Cambridge marker suffered a loss that, despite everything, did not complicate another victory for the students of this university whose motto is Hinc luzem et pocula sacra (Hence, the light and the sacred cups).

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