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The millionaire compensation to Orlando Barone for 6, 7, 8: politicians, Viviana Canosa and Jorge Rial crossed paths

Opposition leaders and journalists Viviana Canosa, Jorge Rial and Osvaldo Bazán discussed the decision of the Public TV of pay 15 million pesos to Orlando Barone as compensation for the completion in 2015 of the 6,7,8 program, which was anticipated this Monday Clarion.

Most questioned the payment of Public TV to Baronesince the ultra K journalist was hired by the production company Pensado Para Televisión (PPT), owned by Kirchnerist businessman Cristóbal López.

And they highlighted the “lack of principles” of Barone, whose speech focused on the defense of the publicbut later went to claim compensation from the State when he “felt fired” by the production company PPT.

Instead, Rial was one of the few to defend himbecause it is “the right of the workers”, beyond Barone’s ideological position.

“They have transformed the channel into a factory of unique thinking, ideological persecution, corruption and lack of austerity,” he told Clarion the deputy of the PRO Hernan Lombardiformer Secretary of Public Media of the macrista management.

“They pay sky-high figures among themselves and leave the State totally defenseless. It is the way that the six seven ochismo defends the State, assuming responsibilities that belong to a friendly private companyLombardi said.

It is that Barone was an employee of PPT, to which he invoiced 44,000 pesos per month (plus VAT), at the end of 2015. The production company was created by Diego Gvirtz and it was sold in April 2015 to the Indalo Group, owned by Cristóbal López and Fabian de Sousa.

Barone was fired from the production company in March 2016, after two months of ending the PPT contract with Public TV. And so Barone sued PPT and Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA), whose president is Rosario Lufrano, as a “jointly responsible” company.

“They, as public officials, have the obligation to exhaust all instances so that it is not the State that makes the disbursement, so we would have to have exhausted all the instances for the production company to pay. But they didn’t,” he assured. Clarion Silvana Giudici, opposition director of the National Communications Entity (ENaCom).

“Kirchnerism demonstrates with this that it uses the resources of the State for its own benefit. Already at the time Lufrano charged his voluntary retirement. It is not the first time that they benefit their own militants, as happened with the auditor Rolando Oreiro, which also had a voluntary withdrawal. These designations and even the appearance of bags with millions in cash demonstrate the lack of transparency in the management of Canal 7Giudici added.

The thing is Lufrano was executive director of Public TV, between 2006 and 2008a position he resigned simultaneously with the departure of Alberto Fernández as Cristina Kirchner’s chief of staff.

Lufrano worked as an employee of Public TV since before being appointed executive director in 2006. And she continued there for several more years, until he reached a “separation agreement” for almost 30 salarieswhich he signed in 2016 under the legal sponsorship of Alberto Fernández.

Despite the collection of that succulent compensationLufrano returned to the public media in January 2020, as president of RTA, appointed by Fernández.

“It is nonsense that the State automatically pays Barone. This type takes 15 million, while retirees do not collect the trials that beat the State”, he raised to Clarion the radical Javier Monteopposition director of RTA.

“For example, I have my father who died waiting for the State to pay him the judgment he won for his retirement. And my mother is still waiting to collect it, after 25 years of trial”, added director Monte, former mayor of Río Segundo, province of Córdoba.

controversy on social media

Barely Clarion published the news of the “Payment Agreement” between Public TV and Orlando Barone, the controversy was installed on social networks and the media.

Journalist Osvaldo Bazan He stressed that “the State will not only pay $15,052,343 to Barone because he finished 6,7,8. It will also pay 3,551,600 to Barone’s lawyer, Leandro Recalde, brother of Mariano, a Peronist senator, son of Héctor Recalde, former Peronist deputy. Then they ask about blows on the table,” said Bazán, also referring to the incident between Alfredo Casero and Luis Majul.

On the contrary, Jorge Rial defended Barone.

“It’s very good. It’s called labor rights”, Rial said, referring to the trial that Barone won and the “Payment Agreement” with Public TV. And he added: “I will always be on the side of workers’ rights. I never agreed with Barone, but let’s not let them touch the ass he works for. One day they will go for ours.”

Far from that position, the journalist Viviana Canosa strongly criticized the compensation to Barone.

“He takes 15 sticks from ours. They are recontrapatriots, right? Those of the Public TV are cheeky”, Canosa affirmed in his television program in A24. And he added: “Who pays it? The herd of assholes“.

“I left private channels and I never asked them for a mango, because the truth is that I think of the businessman. I never made a labor lawsuit, neither to 9, nor to America, never. Miserable mice, with ours, on Public Television. These are the patriots!“, Gray closed.

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