Friday, September 29, 2023
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The meeting between Laporta and Ceferin will be this Saturday

Joan Laporta and Aleksander Ceferin they will see their faces this Saturday when the president of FC Barcelona travels to Eindhoven to accompany the first women’s team in the Champions League final. There he will face the president of UEFA, who last Friday spoke with the vice president of Barça, Elena Fort. She said that they had only talked about women’s football, but she also wanted to make it clear that the team is calm: “The barca He has not done anything, he has not committed any irregularities and therefore we understand that the club does not have to be penalized and that we will play next time Champions. We are very calm,” she explained.

UEFA sent him a document with 70 questions to Barça where they consulted him about the ‘Negreira’ case. The answers must be sent next week at the latest, because on June 12 UEFA must announce the teams that have signed up for the competition.

On the other hand, inspectors Jean-Samuel Leuba and Mirjam Koller Trunz prepare a report that was commissioned by the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee from which they must issue conclusions for the Committee or for the UEFA Court of Appeal, with this it will be seen if finally sanction or not to the azulgrana club for the ‘Negreira Case’.

In the club they think with optimism because of how the investigation is developing, because they believe that it is being directed more towards the money that Negreira received than to the possible match buying.

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