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The march of La Cámpora inside: support from mayors and huevazos along Santa Fe Avenue

with strong criticism of the government of Javier Milei, due to the speech about the dictatorship, the denial of the figure of 30 thousand missing people and also due to the economic plan and the adjustment, Kirchnerism marched from the ESMA Museum to converge with other organizations in the Plaza de Mayo. The mobilization aimed to link the current administration with the program of José Martínez de Hoz, and was crossed by the internal discussion in Unión por la Patria linked to the agreement with the IMF.

As on every anniversary of the coup since 2017, La Cámpora mobilized with a walk of about 13 kilometers, led by Máximo Kirchner. “From the first magistrate of the State, the tragedy that was for the country is questioned”the deputy questioned when the caravan approached 9 de Julio Avenue through Santa Fe.

“There is a situation of contempt not only for the past“, for the disappearances, the torture, the appropriations, also in the present by the people, as if there could not be a degree of empathy with the pain, suffering and hope of the Argentines,” he immediately made his charge against Milei more comprehensive. .

A while before, the march had already begun, the Government had released the video in which it denied the number of 30,000 missing persons, with testimonies that alluded to a “war”, equated State terrorism with guerrilla attacks and criticized the policy of Human Rights of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. Máximo and other representatives of La Cámpora assured that they had not seen it, but that it was in line with the official discourse and in particular with the position of Victoria Villarruel. They considered it “a new provocation.”

At times oppressive due to the midday sun, the walk, which, according to the organizers, was attended by some 35,000 people, took about five hours, with warmer weather in the Libertador tunnel and in the section above Santa Fe, and without incident except for a few eggs and water bombs that were shot from some balconies. The main leaders would occasionally get on a bus in front of the caravan to make statements.

“Villarruel vindicates the genocidaires and an economic model that founded Argentina with Martínez de Hoz“, assured Wado de Pedro, one of those who drew a parallel between the Government and the dictatorship, with Menemism and the management of Mauricio Macri as other efforts in the same direction. “It is already known that taking on debt does not work, adjusting at any cost. The misery planned with the same actors. Today it is not Cavallo but Caputo and Sturzenegger”the senator completed.

Máximo Kirchner, Mayra Mendoza and others They attacked the agreement with the IMF, a hinge that further exposed the internal situation in the government of Alberto Fernández. The head of La Cámpora, who at that time left the presidency of the block of deputies, insisted that in his view that renegotiation was decisive for the electoral defeat of the Frente de Todos.

“Society saw that this agreement was voted for by the two majority forces, Cambiemos in its entirety and Unión por la Patria in part, and now Milei is president”, he compared.

The deputy warned of an increase in domestic violence and crimes due to the Government’s economic measures. “What they say they do. There is not as much distance between words and political action, as happened to us from 2021 onwards. There is damage in the present, but the greatest damage is towards the future”, he deepened the criticism of Milei, crossed by the recent failed management of the Frente de Todos and the debate in which the PJ entered, staged in the congress on Friday in the Ferro microstadium.

“Justicialism has never governed so few provinces, without proscription like Perón had. Today there are five or six governors left, no more. Peronism has to give a strong internal discussion, but not for the media. If it is not done, it will be problematic“, said to Clarion about the role of space at this stage, and advanced: “We want a Peronism that represents, that has a clear proposal, that says what is going to be done with the debt, how it is going to face the role of opposition to the Milei government.”

In the march there were mayors such as Mendoza, Julián Alvarez and Federico Achaval, deputies Paula Penacca and Florencia Carignano, and other leaders such as Horacio Pietragalla, former Secretary of Human Rights, who assured that Milei would be exposed to impeachment in the event of pardons or other benefits to those convicted of crimes against humanity. Amado Boudou also participated, at times euphoric with the songs of La Cámpora.

In the end they tried to quicken their pace to reach the Plaza de Mayo for the reading of the document from the Human Rights organizations, but on Diagonal Norte the walk became slower due to the other columns and the massive attendance.

In the text read by Estela de Carlotto, Taty Almeida and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel described the Government as “neofascist” and they questioned “the most ruthless adjustment plan” since the recovery of democracy. “It is the reissue of Martínez de Hoz’s planned misery,” they agreed on that discursive axis.

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