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The lying prosecutor

You need to have a tough face so that, after being accused of inventing crimes and acting unconstitutionally, the Mexico City prosecutor’s office will ensure that it neither manufactures them, nor invents guilty parties, nor generates agreements outside the law. But in the case of the imprisonment of Alejandra Cuevas, the daughter of whom she was a partner of Federico Gertz Manero for 50 years, the unsigned statement of the prosecutor Ernestina Godoy shows her to be cynical, capable of impudently lying. Godoy danced to the rhythm of the attorney general, Alejandro Gertz Manero, who wanted his ex-sister-in-law and her daughter, whom she accused of homicide by omission of her brother, to live in jail. However, Godoy sought to neutralize the blow of the Supreme Court ruling by withdrawing the charges and ordering the immediate release of Cuevas. The district attorney’s office, he affirmed, “is autonomous, (and) does not obey personal interests.” What cheek.

The attorney general, as has been published, acted in collusion with Godoy and Rafael Guerra, president of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, so that after having lost in all the legal instances where he accused his in-laws for the death of his brother in 2015, reactivated the case when he took office and ordered his unconditional, Juan Ramos, prosecutor for Competence Control, to take care of it. Ramos manipulated the capital prosecutor’s office through Facundo Santillán, whom he met when he was Guerra’s adviser in court, and whom Godoy appointed general coordinator of Strategic Investigation. When Santillán left for the Secretary of Security, he replaced him with Israel Cevallos, the magistrate who confirmed Cuevas’ formal imprisonment.

Ramos was the one who made the important decisions in the case in the capital prosecutor’s office, given Godoy’s permissiveness. Capital officials remember that Godoy was intimidated by Gertz Manero, and she was very afraid of him. The attorney general had no difficulty receiving Godoy’s support, who informed the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, of what he was doing, and despite advice to step aside, he did not stop her or, consequently, the attorney general. . Messages from people who supported Godoy when she was preparing to be a prosecutor in the capital were never answered by her, accentuating her disappointment in the prosecutor, who chose to hide from her.

Godoy started this case badly and over time his performance worsened. Gertz Manero wanted to imprison Laura Morán, the sentimental partner of her brother, but the management of her son-in-law, the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, stopped him. To quench her vengeful thirst, he focused her hatred on Cuevas, and from the Attorney General’s Office they asked the woman from the capital to arrest her, which they obeyed. In the session of the Supreme Court last Monday, ministers and ministers said that her detention was unconstitutional.

Godoy responded through the prosecutor’s information card that he was not fabricating culprits, but on October 16, 2020, in compliance with Gertz Manero’s requests, Mrs. Cuevas was detained when leaving her house in the company of her son Gonzalo, without any information. arrest warrant. After forcing her to accompany the ministerial agents, they told her that they were going to the prosecutor’s office, when in fact they headed for Santa Martha Acatitla, where three days later she was already formally imprisoned, accused of being an accomplice of her mother for not having provided the medical care she required. Federico Gertz Manero.

The alleged crime indicated her as an “accessory guarantor”, non-existent in the Penal Code. Godoy’s affirmation that they do not fabricate crimes is a blatant lie, having accused him of one that is the product of an invention. The aberration, however, could not have been completed if the capital’s courts had not been complicit. Marcela Ángeles Arrieta, criminal judge 67, subordinate to Guerra, the president of the court, prosecuted the case endorsing a false crime and without taking into account the violations of the process in the arrest of Cuevas, which underlines another part of the lie of the Godoy information card.

“We present evidence,” said Godoy on the card, which is a deception because the crime does not exist, and “based on it, the judges adopt their resolutions” -the legal aberration was supported by Judge Arrieta-, which “can be revised, perfected or reconsidered throughout the criminal process”. What happened was that Israel Cevallos, Godoy’s current collaborator, at that time a magistrate subordinate to Guerra, confirmed the formal imprisonment of Cuevas. With all this, Godoy had the impudence to send it to say in the information card that “we are critical of our work and we do not fall into complacency”, when the very facts reported in the Supreme Court contradict his statements.

Minister Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena’s draft sentence that was discussed in court on Monday said that, in addition to being based on a non-existent figure in criminal law, Mrs. Cuevas’s case bordered on the limit of unreasonable. “There is no crime without law,” said the minister, which underlines the impunity of Gertz, Godoy and Guerra to twist the laws and be accomplices in revenge, where the only thing that mattered was the civil and criminal annihilation of the prosecutor’s political family. general. The first two invented crimes and the judge considered them good and ignored the evidence of the accused who dismantled them. Guerra, sitting on the threshold of illegality, checked Arrieta’s decisions.

Injustice will prevail irreversibly. Since the Court had not given a hearing to investigate the crimes of those who must monitor the law, Godoy would have to initiate an investigation to find the officials responsible for committing the crimes, while Guerra would have to do the same against Judge Arrieta. Those responsible for the legal aberration that we saw should go to jail, but that will not happen, because they would have to put themselves in the cell and turn off the light.

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