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The Lola Flores Museum opens, the “dream” of the artist

The Lola Flores Museum opened its doors in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, her hometown, so that all her admirers can feel the energy, passion, power and greatness of the Pharaoh, according to what her daughters have told, very excited. , Lolita and Rosario.

With the inauguration of the museum, “a dream” of Lola Flores is fulfilled, on the centenary of her birth and 28 years after her death.

His family – his sister Carmen, 86 years old; his daughters, his grandchildren and his two great-grandchildren-, together with friends of the clan, were the first to enter the Lola Flores Cultural Center, in the Plaza de Belén in Jerez de la Frontera, in an inauguration that they wanted to be private.

They do not rule out what happened at Lolita’s wedding, when, before the avalanche of the press and admirers, Lola Flores herself came out and said one of her phrases that has remained in the collective memory: “If you love me, go away.”

Lolita (i) and Rosario Flores (c), after unveiling a plaque during the inauguration of the museum dedicated to their mother. (EFE Agency)

“If it happens, I will tell you; Well, I’ll say, ‘Stay away a little,’” Lolita joked at the press conference that she offered with her sister, the mayoress of Jerez, Mamen Sánchez; and Mariola Orellana, the family friend who has been in charge of carrying out this project and selecting, from the trunks kept with Lola Flores’ things, the collections that will feed this museum, along with donated memorabilia.

The museum, which has the name of Cultural Center, was “the illusion” of Lola Flores, Lolita has told.

After initiatives that did not materialize in Madrid and Seville, the “dream” has come true in Jerez and in the format that Lola Flores wanted. “She wanted her museum to be like her house, for people to go” and “they have made the house that she wanted,” Lolita said.

Her wedding dress has been the only object that they have revealed that will be among the 200 pieces that the museum will have, in addition to some 30 or 40 jewels, many of them replicas.

His granddaughter Elena Furiase, Lolita’s daughter, has put the voice in the center’s audio guides. For Rosario, the museum is “an explosive bomb”, as was her mother, with which all visitors will be able to feel “all her energy, her greatness”.

A stage and a patio

Mariola Orellana, who has confessed that no one in her life has “hypnotized” her like Lola Flores and who, with Carmen Mateo, has worked on this project, explained that her set-up “seems that she was leading her”, a process in the one that even “miracles have happened”.

He explained that the museum has not been built “with a desire for anything” and that, if money is earned with the tickets after paying the maintenance costs, that benefit will go to a Lola Flores Foundation, which they are preparing.

The Museum will be completed with a stage and a patio, in the same square, where there will be from a store to a place to offer recitals or other activities, a living “pole” that will also have the Flamenco Museum next door.

His daughters have confessed that they feel that their hearts are coming out “through their mouths”, from emotion. “It had been 28 years since she had worn a suit from my mother, her shoes. Touching her belongings is a shock. It is to have my mother alive again ”, confessed Lolita.

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