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The less known link of Javier Milei’s girlfriend with the Cuban regime

With the increase of his fame, the presidential candidate with the most votes in the primaries, Javier Milei, shows the different facets of his personal and professional life. His flexibility or its contradictions between what it promises and what it shows.

One is his strategic and convenient relationship with the millionaire leader of the gastronomic union, Luis Barrionuevo, while he continues to demonstrate to his parishioners the repudiation of “caste” and “corrupt politicians.”

Another, with a similar public impact, has to do with his young emotional bond with Fátima Florez. The thing is that the libertarian says he is in love with the famous Cristina Kirchner impersonator who, in her experienced dance training curriculum, has studies with the same Alicia Alonsono less than in Cuba.

Fátima Florez, Javier Milei’s girlfriend.

Fatima She was awarded a scholarship at the end of the nineties by the Cuban regime, object of one of the greatest repudiations of the deputy and economist.

Milei always said that He will not have relations with “the communists”. Nor does he want to interact with politicians who have ties, even commercial ones, with the countries he rejects, such as Brazil and China.

For that matter, in one of the broadcasts of the program Intratables, on América TV, where at some point she served as a panelist, Milei sought to discredit this journalist sending her to “live in Cuba” with “the communists.”

However, the heart seems to have softened. Although they are details of her personal life, Milei turns a blind eye to Fátima’s breadth, that she never hesitated to do what was best for her successful professional career. Then, study with the best teachers in Cuba.

Woodcock in Havana

Although it went unnoticed, the dancer and comedian spoke about it on several occasions, who, far from being aggressive in her words like her current partner, is attentive in her responses. By the way, in the photo archive She was also seen smiling with politicians that her boyfriend repudiates in insults. This is the case of Maria Eugenia Vidal, who, as governor, went to see the show that Fátima Florez did at the Roxy Theater.

“My parents were together until I was 9 years old, then they separated, it hurt me and it was difficult for me to cope, but they were both always very present in my life. They both trained me, from them I inherited the ability to work. Sports gave me discipline and helped me know how to share in a group. They wanted to federate me, but I preferred to focus on art. At 15 I started preparing, I never wanted to be improvised. I began to study dance, singing, acting and fully devote myself to training for this profession. I started studying acting with Doria and I even went to Cuba to take dance seminars preparing myself with everything because I knew that, at some point, I was going to have the opportunity and I wanted to be prepared,” the artist told a few years ago to Radio Rivadavia.

In that interview he also confessed that the anorexia he suffered when he was young was one of “the most painful moments” of his life. His father was an architect, and his mother was a geography teacher.

From the little data that there is from that time, and from the little that Fatima talks about it, Clarion could know that, at 17 years old, in 1998and still using her birth name, María Eugenia Florez, she went to live two months to Havana.

There he studied with the school of the legendary dancer Alicia Alonsofrom the National Ballet of Cuba, who died in 2019. “The best Ballet school,” said Fatima herself.

He returned from Cuba and left his mother’s house at the age of 19. At 20 she traveled to Peru to work in television and she met her first boyfriend, her first husband, Norberto Marcos. It was he who led to her commercial success.

Visit.  Fátima Florez with María Eugenia Vidal, who went to see one of her shows in 2018, when she was governorVisit. Fátima Florez with María Eugenia Vidal, who went to see one of her shows in 2018, when she was governor

Today, Argentina’s most versatile imitator hardly talks about those first years of training in Cuba and Peru. And she assures that there are not even photographic memories because “At that time there was no cell phone.”

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