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The leader of the French right Jean-Marie Le Pen, ill and under the guardianship of his daughters

Jean Marie Le Pen, the founder of the xenophobic National Front party that reached the French runoff in 2002 and a veteran of the Algerian war, was placed “under legal protection regime” by the family. He has turned 95 years old and an upcoming judicial process he expected it in the European autumn on his assistants in the European Parliament.

The veteran politician is in the “under legal protection regime”, according to RN vice president Louis Aliot and ex-husband of Marine Le Pen, confirming information from RMC. This civil provision, comparable to a guardianship, was activated at the request of the family before the Puteaux court, after a medical visit confirmed Le Pen’s ineptitude at the moment.

The former president of the National Front, which has today been renamed the National Regrouping, was the subject of a protection request in mid-February, according to his lawyer Francos Wagner. Today his interests are in charge of his three daughters: Marine, MP and lawyer, Marie Caroline and Yann Le Pen, alone or together.

Can this protective measure prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen from being brought before the court in September over the European parliamentary assistants affair? His lawyer assured that this protection measure is not the objective of this legal protection for him. There will be a hearing in July to see whether or not Le Pen can answer the justice’s questions.

Jean-Marie Le Pen turned 95 and his three daughters manage his interests. Photo: AFP

Tired and with a stroke in his medical history

“He is a man his age, who is tired. “He is now under a legal protection regime and it is his daughters who participate in the management of his affairs,” said Louis Aliot, RN mayor of Perpignan, this Wednesday on RMC-BFMTV. “I think the court will have to issue a measure that establishes that he cannot surrender or testify in this process,” he added.

Those closest to Jean Marie Le Pen say that her health has declined enormously after a stroke and heart attack in 2023.

As the Public Service website explains, this protection exists in various types of content. In particular, the “safeguarding of justice,” which allows preserving the ability to perform all actions, except important ones, such as the sale of a building or the celebration of an important event. The last thing you need is to confide in a tutor.

Marine and Jean Marie Le Pen, at a congress of their party in an archive image.  Photo: AFP Marine and Jean Marie Le Pen, at a congress of their party in an archive image. Photo: AFP

There is also “conservatorship”, in which the person can carry out daily activities and manage their assets. However, you will need to reciprocate if you want to sell or buy other products. Finally, a person with “guardianship” cannot manage his or her assets and activities alone. He is systematically assisted by a tutor for all performances.

The same legal protection measures decided by a judge consist of the designation of a third person to help protect the interests of a certain person, to make decisions or include authorization and/or control.

With this new “protection regime”, the question of the ability of the “Menhir” to participate in its process in the presence of the supporters of the MEPs, scheduled to start on September 30, was raised.

“I think the court will tend to pronounce a measure that may not be able to be taken, tested, or involved in this case,” considers Louis Aliot. The Paris criminal court must rule on this point on July 3, after examination by medical experts.

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