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The Latin Ken? Chayanne adds to the Barbie fashion and poses for the iconic poster of the doll

Chayanne, The talented Puerto Rican performer has caused a stir on social networks by letting himself be carried away by the pink fever of the iconic “Barbie” doll.

It turns out that the interpreter of “Bailando bachata” shared on his Twitter account an image of himself posing as Kenthe famous boyfriend of the toy, in the official poster of the film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Wearing a white bathrobe that exposes part of his chest, Chayanne wrote: “This Ken is the dad of Latin America”, unleashing the emotion of his followers.

The provocative message generated a fun interaction on the platform, with fans imagining themselves as “Barbies”.

Among the comments, various “models” of the doll emerged such as: “Barbie Daddy Issues”, “The Invented Barbie” and many more, some adding their own photographs related to the poster.

So far, the tweet has accumulated 158 thousand “likes” and has been retweeted 11.7 thousand times, demonstrating the impact that Chayanne has achieved with his funny occurrence in the digital world.

It is well known that the Puerto Rican has captivated millions of followers throughout his career with his musical talent and outstanding simplicity. However, a few months ago he was subjected to strong criticism for his physical appearance, causing concern among his fans.

The famous shared on his Instagram account the video clip of his most recent single, “Bailando bachata”, during which he interacts with his audience and performs dance movements. Some followers noted that he looked thinner and expressed their preference for his previous appearance.

In addition to concerns about her weight, comments have also surfaced about possible cosmetic adjustments to her face, speculating that her smile and facial expressions may have been altered.

Previously, Chayanne had presumed the outfit that he would use to record the video clip: a pink jacket combined with gray pants and a white shirt with some black details. But despite her enthusiastic attitude, she received negative comments.

It is not the first time that the voice of “I would leave everything” has faced this type of situation, in the past he was accused of undergoing alleged aesthetic procedures to try to look younger, which forced him to return to the subject in an interview with the media. .

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