Sunday, September 24, 2023
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The lapse of Real Madrid TV with its internationals: Havertz?

He Real Madrid continues to search for players for next season’s squad. with the outputs of Benzema, Asensio, Hazard and Mariano They have made the white club have to reinforce its attack zone, but for the moment there are no indications of any striker.

One of the names that is playing the most in addition to that of Harry Kane It’s of Kai Havertzthe German who currently plays for Chelsea, is also more affordable than the Englishman, whose price is quite high for the white club and with the passing of the days it seems that lNegotiations do not go ahead.

But what has called attention of Madrid fans is some images broadcast by the official television of the Madrid entity that showed some quite curious videos while They talked about the players who are international in the Madrid squad.

What was surprising is that when they were talking about the German team, some images of Rüdiger came out and after this some of Kai Havertz appeared, player who at the moment does not belong to the white club despite the interest they have in the German. This makes fans think that the small slip that Real Madrid TV has had could bring the player closer to the white template.

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