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‘The king of Milan’s cocaine’ returns to Italy: the Brazilian Justice approved his extradition

The Brazilian Justice authorized this Tuesday the extradition to Italy of Rocco Morabitoconsidered one of the leaders of the Calabrian ndranguetawho had been arrested last year on a beach in the northeast region.

Chamber I of the Federal Supreme Court unanimously approved the extradition of Morabito, nicknamed the “Cocaine King of Milan”who had fled to South America years ago to evade the Justice of his country, reported the ANSA agency.

“The legal provision is taken care of. The extradited person is procured by the Italian Justice to serve the sentences imposed in irrevocable convictions,” says the opinion of the investigating judge, Carmen Lucia, of the I Chamber of the Supreme Court, quoted by the newspaper Estado de Sao Paul.

In 2017 he was arrested in a hotel in Montevideo and it was found that he had been living in a luxurious mansion in Punta del Este for ten years under the false identity of Francesco Antonio Capeletto Souza, an alleged Brazilian businessman who dealt with a false export business. soy.

Morabito had escaped in 2019 from a Uruguayan prison and since then his whereabouts were not known until May 2021 when he was arrested in Joao Pessoa, Paraíba state.

The next step for Morabito to leave Brazil will be for the president, Jair Bolsonaro, to grant his endorsement so that the Ministry of Justice initiates cooperation procedures with the Italian state.


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