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The “JDD” strike enters its second week

The mobilization of the editorial staff against the controversial journalist Geoffroy Lejeune continues. 97% of voters approved the continuation of the movement.

By HR with AFP

The strike against the appointment of Geoffroy Lejeune continues

Ihe mobilization continues within the editorial staff of the Sunday newspaper. The Sunday weekly is entering its second week of strike against the appointment of the former journalist of Current values, Geoffroy Lejeune, editor-in-chief. 97% of voters voted this Thursday, June 29 in the morning for the continuation of the strike (91 for, 3 against, 7 who do not decide), indicated the Society of Journalists (SDJ) of the Sunday newspaper (JDD) in a press release.

The strike, which started on June 22, was renewed for 24 hours and a new vote will take place on Friday morning. A new renewal could compromise the Sunday release of the JDD, as was the case last week. “The writing maintains its two demands: the management must renounce the appointment of Geoffroy Lejeune and offer the writing guarantees of legal and editorial independence”, underlined the SDJ.

The appointment of this far-right journalist, former editor of Current values, has been causing a stir in the media and on the left since last week. Latest support to date, that of a hundred former newspaper, in a column published Thursday by the daily Release. Among them, journalists Claude Askolovitch, Bruno Jeudy and Bernard Pivot, and humorist Anne Roumanoff.

“This is the second strike resulting in the non-publication of the newspaper (after 2016, NLDR). And now, the longest in its history”, noted the signatories, according to whom “the independence of the JDD is in danger, and with it an entire section of our democracy”.

The shadow of Bolloré behind Lejeune

Many observers see in the arrival of Mr. Lejeune at the head of the newspaper the hand of the billionaire Vincent Bolloré, with reputedly ultra-conservative opinions. It comes in fact just after the green light given under conditions by the European Commission to Vivendi, the group of Mr. Bolloré, to swallow Lagardère, the group to which the JDD.

“I made this decision alone. Neither Vincent Bolloré nor anyone from Vivendi was involved,” denied Arnaud Lagardère, leader of the group of the same name, on Tuesday in Le Figaro. For the takeover of Lagardère by Vivendi to be effective, the latter must still sell the Editis publishing group and the magazine Galaaccording to the conditions set by Brussels.

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Mr. Lagardère came to defend the choice to appoint Geoffroy Lejeune on Tuesday before the editorial staff, but did not “reassure” the latter, had indicated the SDJ of JDD after this meeting. In addition, the deputy LFI Clémentine Autain assured Wednesday that the deputies of the Nupes were preparing a bill to give power to journalists in the appointments of their management. The goal, she says, is to “prevent situations like the Sunday newspaper “.

On Tuesday evening, nearly a thousand people gathered at the call of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) at the Théâtre Libre in Paris to defend the strikers and, more broadly, freedom of the press. A strike fund was open to financially support the movement and a petition has been launched on the website. Late Thursday afternoon, it boasted some 30,000 signatures.

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