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The issue of drug price hike raised in the Rajya Sabha, the members said – medicine should also be given for the pain of inflation

New Delhi, April 1 (agency)

In the Rajya Sabha on Friday, some members raised the issue of increase in the prices of more than 800 essential medicines and said that it will put a heavy burden on the general public already suffering from inflation. Demanding withdrawal of this price hike, the members said, “the medicine for the pain of inflation has become necessary.” Raising the issue in the Upper House during Zero Hour, John Brittas of the Communist Party of India-Marxist said that the counter Petrol and diesel prices are increasing day by day and due to this the public is suffering from inflation. He said the life of the common man has become painful and from today an “unexpected increase” in the prices of over 800 medicines will come into effect. “Never have there been such a huge increase in the prices of medicines all at once. The government should withdraw these prices. Is.

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Shiv Sena also raised this issue and said that from petrol, diesel to food and cooking, it has become expensive. He said, “Now the medicine for the pain of inflation has become necessary. Because inflation is increasing day by day. He said, “I request you that the insensitive government which is increasing inflation every day, at least give relief to the public from the prices of essential medicines.”

Earlier, BJP’s Deepak Prakash demanded the inclusion of yoga in the skill development program of the central government and said that it can provide employment to a large number of yoga teachers. He said that due to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the international recognition of Yoga has been strengthened and Yoga also played a big role in the fight against Corona. He said that in recent years the demand for yoga teachers has also increased in different parts of the country and the world. Prakash demanded from the government to promote and disseminate yoga more.

Rashtriya Janata Dal’s AD Singh expressed concern over the excessive use of urea in agriculture and requested the government to spread awareness about it among the farmers. He said that 30 per cent of urea is useful and remaining part is unfavorable to soil and environment. He said that excessive use of urea will affect the future generations of the country. BJP’s DP Vats demanded to prepare the children to make them realize the national duty during the early education itself. He said that school children should be made aware of national duty before fundamental rights and directive principles. He said that this would inculcate the feeling of nation first in the children. Congress’s Neeraj Dangi demanded restoration of RBI’s earlier audit system, while Biju Janata Dal’s Prashant Nanda demanded establishment of rail connectivity for socio-economic development of people living in Left Wing Extremism-affected Orissa areas. Of. He said that the Odisha government has proposed to lay a railway line between Malkangiri to Bhadrachalam and Navrangpur to Junagadh, which should be accepted so that the people of the region can get socio-economic development.

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