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The Israeli Army kills the Hamas Islamist who kidnapped the young German woman

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have killed the Hamas jihadist who kidnapped the young German woman Shani Louk and humiliated her while carrying the young woman’s badly injured body in the back of a van. The young woman, kidnapped at the Nova festival on October 7, was shot in the back of the head by Palestinian terrorists and then beheaded, according to Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

The death of the jihadist who paraded with the dying body of Shani Louk has been reported in recent hours by an Israeli rabbi who recently spoke with Ricarda, the mother of the murdered young woman. According to this religious, the IDF recently contacted the young woman’s mother to inform her that they had killed the “monster” that she was taking to Shani Louk.

In the images released by Hamas members themselves, a person wearing a green T-shirt and a grenade launcher can be seen placing his legs on the twisted body of the young woman while shouting ‘Allah Akbar’. Her name has not been revealed and it is assumed that her death took place during the clashes in recent days in Gaza.

The young German tattoo artist Shani Louk participated on October 7 in the Nova peace festival, held in Re`im, very close to the Gaza border. This party of young people coming from all over the world became the target of the Hamas jihadists, who broke into the venue with blood and fire. The young woman became the icon of barbarism when the terrorists themselves spread images of how they took her away, half-naked and in very poor physical condition.

influential rabbi

For several days, Louk’s family speculated that she was alive, as they had received information that she was badly injured with a head injury. Her hope was vain. The Israeli rescue services, Zaka, found a remains of the young woman’s skull that could be identified by DNA. As the country’s president, Isaac Herzog, later revealed, Shani Louk was beheaded after being shot in the back of the head.

The person who made the statements about the death of the Islamist is Shmuley Boteach, an American religious man who is considered one of the most influential rabbis in the world. Boteach is a writer, has participated in the North American elections as a Republican candidate and directs several institutions dedicated to spreading the image of Israel in the world and fighting anti-Semitism.

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