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The independentist Marc Crosas attacks Carvajal: “You can’t be more sexist and more fascist”

Marc Crosas against Dani Carvajal. At the moment the duel between the two is not mutual, but the former Barcelona player and declared pro-independence supporter has launched the first missile after the Madrid full-back’s words about the Rubiales Jenni Hermoso case.

“In the statement we admit that the president’s behavior is not appropriate and what you consider to be a victim in your question that you are asking me, in the end there are legal entities that are considering whether Jenniffer is really a victim of something that is being processed. In the end, and in the end, we stay on the sidelines. I already told you that there are people who have to decide if there is a culprit or a victim. Well, it will be made known. So we cannot take a position or condemn one party or another beforehand without knowing. really what has happened, what has been stipulated, because today “Jennifer has not filed the complaint either.”commented Carvajal.

After those comments, this was Marc Crosas’ tweet:

“The captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish team “remains on the sidelines”, because he doesn’t know if Jenni is a “victim of abuse of power”, since “she hasn’t made the complaint”. You can’t be more macho and more attractive… “, says Crosas in her tweet.

A few days ago, Marc Crosas himself, now working as a journalist in Mexico, where he lives, interviewed Alexia Putellas. Crosas is known in Spain for his past in the Barcelona youth academy. Later he had no luck in the elite although he did go through classic European teams like Lyon and Celtic, winning Ligue 1 for example. He went through Tenerife and ended up in Mexico.

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