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The Housewives surpass Teatro Breve records and announce new performances

Theatrical comedy “The Housewives Go Camping” has managed to present 40 shows with nearly 14,000 theater goers and set a record for the collective Brief Theater.

With this show Teatro Breve continuously exceeds its own figures for the number of fully sold performances and celebrates the success of its projects.

“With the work of The Housewives we reaffirm our mission of causing terror to our audience and creating a work workshop for our talents. If people continue to fill the room, we will continue opening performances,” said producer Naíma Rodríguez, who incidentally announced the opening of new functions.

“The Housewives Go Camping” is a play starring the actresses Isel RodriguezLourdes Quiñones, Lucienne Hernández and Melissa Rodríguez. The renowned comedians present us with a country adventure alongside new characters, played by Cristina SolerLuis Gonzaga, Jessenia Cotto, Israel Lugo and José Carlos Martínez.

The comedy “The Housewives Go Camping”. (Giovan Cordero Colon)

“This work is a gift. I love listening to people, laughing, clapping, singing, saying “awww”… it’s very nice. I have so much fun every night with this cast. I would like to be humble, but really, if you don’t see it, you will lose two hours of non-stop laughter,” Hernández expressed in written statements.

In this play, written by Hernández and directed by Jessica Rodríguez, the housewives go camping with their daughters Grecia and Shakira Rubí. They will face the challenges that come with camping in nature. Will they survive this experience? Without a doubt, the occurrences of these characters will make you spend a night of laughter with the traditional irreverent humor of Teatro Breve.

Camping continues from Thursday to Sunday at El Shorty, and tickets are on sale at

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