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“The House of the Stars”: TelevisaUnivision could have its version of “The House of the Famous”

“The house of celebrities” it is one of the most successful television bets of all time. Evidence of this are the three seasons produced under the leadership of the Guatemalan presenter Hector Sandarti and the Mexican journalist Jimena Gallego.

The truth is that since before it began, the current edition has been marked by controversy. Now, a new report revealed that apparently, the chain of television Telemundo could be in trouble due to the loss of the rights to continue with the production of the “reality” in Mexico and Latin America.

Last Monday, the well-known entertainment journalist Mandy Fridmann, unofficially announced that the merger formed by the chains Televisa and univision retained the rights to the program and will be able to make its own version only for Latin America, including Mexico, while Telemundo will continue to produce the same content for its audience in the United States, so it is very likely that more seasons will be produced in the country.

According to Fridmann, through The newspaperThe new contract was signed in October 2022 and, according to the information it has, it even involved the dismissal of an executive for “the error when buying the rights”

“Although, it might not be called ‘The House of Celebrities’ like the version of Telemundobut they would be thinking of giving it a new title using a word that was always associated with Televisa: ‘stars’, like ‘The channel of the stars’, it would be called ‘The house of the stars’”, established the journalist.

“The House of the Stars” would be an independent production to “The Hotel of the Famous”, which will be hosted by the presenter Karina Banda who last February packed his bags and traveled to Argentina to begin the recordings of the new “reality” of Televisa/Univision. The wife of Carlos Ponce He will live several months in the South American country to work on this project along with other Televisa talents.

“I start the year with one of the longest trips of my life…”, said Banda in a video that he posted on his networks. “I will be in this beautiful country for a while. Stay until the end to see what it is about. I’ll give you a hint anyway: everyone here is a champion. They don’t know all the feelings I had. Nerves, emotion, sadness, joy, uncertainty, everything. Soon I will tell you a little more, ”he added.

Fridmann explained that “La casa de los famosos” and “La casa de las estrellas” could be under the same co-production but each one will have its own version, its “famous”, its presenters, but what would still be under discussion is whether both they would use the same studio and where they would meet.

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