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The house is illuminated not by lamps, but by the happiness of the people living in it –

Sonipat, 5 November (HP)

A program was organized under the title ‘Light the lamp, bring Diwali in your life’ at Vishwa Kalyan Sarovar, Sonipat on Sunday. Brahma Kumari Shivani Didi was present as the keynote speaker. He said that the light is not from lamps but from the lamps of happiness of the people living in that house. Respect nature, pay attention to it. Don’t make it a habit to seek applause from people, this habit will sink you. This Diwali, give each other gifts as well as gifts of blessings. Make good resolutions and spread the light of good resolutions all around.

He said that cleanliness of Diwali means cleaning your mind. Goddess Lakshmi is invoked on Diwali, Lakshmi means the feeling of giving. Our list is very long, now we have to finish it. Festivals come for transformation within us and not for external pomp and show. Light the lamp of giving to others in your mind every day. Our thinking should not depend on the situation. We ourselves are responsible for honour, dishonour, victory and defeat. If you understand this properly then you will be saved from blaming others.

At the conclusion of the program, Didi also made everyone meditate. The stage started with the melodious songs of Vijay Bhai. Rama Didi conducted the stage. Vishwa Kalyan Sarovar manager Satish Bhai welcomed everyone on reaching the programme.

On this occasion, Sonipat MLA Surendra Panwar, Gannaur MLA Nirmal Chaudhary, former minister Kavita Jain, Gannaur Municipal Corporation Chairman Arun Tyagi were also present.

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