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The harsh claim against Juan Manzur for the presence of Urribarri in Israel: “It is a global scandal and a national shame”

The conviction for corruption of the former governor of Entre Ríos, Sergio Urribarri, and the delayed resignation from the embassy in Israel that allowed him to participate in Tel Aviv’s act for May 25, had a harsh repercussion in the Senate this Thursday. The national senator for Entre Ríos from Together for Change, Alfredo De Angeli, crossed paths with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, who went to give the management report.

Urribarri was found guilty of crimes of embezzlement and negotiations incompatible with public office. The conviction was announced by the Court of Trials and Appeals of Entre Ríos, while the former governor was serving as Argentine ambassador to Israel. After the controversy over his presence at the celebration of the national day, the Government made his resignation official only on Tuesday the 31st.

That delay unleashed the complaints of the opposition, which were reflected this Thursday in the Senate. “On April 7 of this year, the entrerriana justice sentenced Urribarri to 8 years and disqualified him for life from holding public office,” said De Angeli and began to raise the tone: “But on May 25, here it is the photo, leading an official act in Tel Aviv, then? They lied to us entrerrianos and Argentines. Here is a man condemned by Justice”.

Sergio Urribari during an official act for May 25 in Israel.

“The specific question, Mr. Minister, is:This man is still in office, he was charging from April 7? He says that now he is going to take 45 days, but it is not that he resigns for political reasons, he is condemned, “added De Angeli.

This is a global scandal and a national embarrassment. The specific question is, I don’t know if he will be able to answer it today or if he will answer it tomorrow in writing, if this man continues to be paid as an ambassador. How much did he earn after his resignation and if he continues to earn and how much longer will he be in Israel?” De Angeli asked with the photo in hand.

A few days ago, deputies from Together for Change presented a project in the lower house to “promote impeachment” against Urribarri’s superior, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

Entre Ríos anti-corruption prosecutor, Cecilia Goyeneche.

Entre Ríos anti-corruption prosecutor, Cecilia Goyeneche.

Urribarri was the protagonist of the act for May 25 held at the Argentine embassy in Israel, based in the city of Tel Aviv. In images that spread the signal TNthe presumably still diplomatic representative is seen singing the anthem, with an Argentine and an Israeli flag in the background.

His participation occurred a month and a half after his sentence to 8 years in prison and just two days after the dismissal of prosecutor Cecilia Goyeneche, who promoted the case.

The Senate also requested the removal of Sergio Urribarri

The Together for Change interblock in the Senate of the Nation presented a Draft Declaration through which it encourages the Upper House to express its “total repudiation of the factual permanence of Sergio Urribarri in the post of ambassador to Israel and Cyprus and his participation in the act for May 25 at the Argentine embassy in Tel Aviv”.

In the initiative, the legislators indicated that “it is categorically unacceptable that a person with a criminal prison sentence of disqualification from holding public office assumes and maintains the official representation of the Argentine Republic.”

Sergio Urribarri, former governor of Entre Ríos and ambassador to Israel, sentenced.

Sergio Urribarri, former governor of Entre Ríos and ambassador to Israel, sentenced.

Likewise, they urged Foreign Minister Cafiero to establish the pertinent means to “immediately remove him from office.”

The senators of the opposition expressed in the message that “a corrupt person in charge of an embassy is much more than a symbol of contempt for the institutions, it is also an unfortunate sign that once again leaves our country in a terrible state before the eyes of the world. ”.

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