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The harsh article of the Russian agency Sputnik against the President: ‘Alberto Fernández’s betrayal of Putin has no limits’

The Russian news agency Sputnik questioned President Alberto Fernández’s criticism of his counterpart Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine that he carried out during his last tour of Europe.

“The hypocrisy and betrayal of Argentine President Alberto Fernández to Putin has no limits”, is the title of the article signed by Javier Benítez, which points to the “The level of betrayal by the Argentine president towards his Russian counterpart is beyond doubt.”

The note assures that Russia was “The great help of Argentina by supplying Sputnik V vaccines to fight the pandemic.” In addition, he criticizes the Argentine president’s meeting with German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and for having promoted the expulsion of Russia from the Human Rights Council.

In the recent tour of the Argentine head of state, alongside the German foreign minister, Fernández questioned those who “send weapons for war” in Ukraine.

Then, during the joint conference, he targeted Putin by assuring that “peripheral countries suffer the blows of these sanctions for food and energy prices.”

Alberto Fernández and greeted the German Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz. Photo capture.

“This has ceased to be a problem of Russia and NATO to be a problem of the whole world,” said the Argentine President.

According to the article in the Russian propaganda outlet, “the president of a country with 37.3% of the population living below the poverty line and where many millions do not have access to food, intends to sell food to Germany.”

“On the other hand, Fernández offers gas from Vaca Muerta, which he defined as ‘the second most important unconventional gas reserve (euphemism for fracking)’ in the world. In other words, he is going to offer shale gas to a country like Germany, which has supposedly signed certain commitments to the environment and the 2030 Agenda. As the phrase goes, the need has the face of a heretic”, the note continues.

The journalist also questions the Argentine president’s Twitter messages condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia’s demilitarization and denazification mission in its neighboring country, which it has described as ‘immoral’ ‘aggression against Ukraine,’” questions the article. And he adds: “In this way, it endorses the genocide of kyiv in Donbas, and the Nazi battalions that executed it during the last eight years.”

And talk about the “selective memory” of the Argentine president, referring to the help he received from Russia during the pandemic. “For a few coins, whatever?”, He expresses about the eventual business of Argentina with European countries, after Fernández’s trip.

Bruno Rocha Beaklini, doctor in Political Sciences, also gives an opinion in the text, who maintains: “I don’t understand those things. One thinks, Argentina was in ruin, had no vaccines, and was ‘hung’ by the IMF (International Monetary Fund)’ when Russia helped him. “The foreign ministry of (Brazilian President Jair) Bolsonaro, which is a disaster, behaved a little better (than Argentina), because he did everything possible not to condemn Russia.”

And he concludes, regarding Fernández’s attitude towards his Russian counterpart: “It doesn’t make any sense. Possibly due to a renegotiation offer with the IMF from the European Union; It may be due to a proposal to purchase grains and primary products from Argentina”.

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