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The Hamas-Israel war: Emmanuel Macron recognizes 13 French dead and 17 hostages or missing

President Emmanuel Macron spoke to the country on Thursday, at dinner time, to show solidarity with Israelis, accompany them in their mourning and recognize that 13 Frenchmen had died and 17 were missing or were hostages, after the Hamas operation last Saturday. France has never had so many victims, except in the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris.

“France is doing everything possible to return them safely to their homes,” the president said. “We will do everything possible to ensure that these hostages are released, whatever their nationality,” he said.

“France has the responsibility to act for peace. We cannot resolve an endless war” in the region, Macron insisted.

The president recalled the conditions of peace: “Security guarantees” for the Israelis and a State for the Palestinians.”

Macron denounced “blind and murderous hatred” and “an unleashing of absolute cruelty” after the Hamas attack. “We share Israel’s pain,” Macron stated.

The head of state He called Hamas a “terrorist” movement. “It is a war waged by terrorists against a nation, a country.”

“Israel has the right to defend itself,” he said. But “while preserving civilian populations.”

Ten thousand police deployed

The head of state understands that many French people are afraid. He has deployed 10,000 police officers to protect them, their most important personalities, their schools, institutions and synagogues. But also in the face of the possibility of a terrorist attack.

An Israeli soldier patrols on October 12, 2023 near Kibbutz Beeri, the site where 270 people were killed by Hamas. AFP Photo

“The republic is here to protect you,” he announced.

He called the French “to stay united to bring a message of peace and security for the Middle East.”

Given Hamas’ call to mobilize all Muslims in the world on Friday, the government banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations in France.

The anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the 13 French deaths in Israel. Four boys are among the 17 missing citizens, probable hostages in Gaza.

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