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The governor of Entre Ríos suspended one of his officials who spied on Antonio Stiuso and Judge Arroyo Salgado

The governor of Entre Ríos, Gustavo Bordet, suspended to its IT director, prosecuted in that case, while former spy Antonio Stiuso stated in a writing before the federal chamber that the defendants work as “inorganic” of the AFI when Oscar Parrilli managed it in 2015.

This is Alexis Lesa, who is the IT director of the Kirchnerist government of Entre Ríos, Analysis magazine reported. Instead, Nothing is known about Pablo Palá’s political situation, who is the IT director of the province’s Court of Accounts, the other defendant.

In addition, Lesa and Palá are part of the group called “Octógono” that supports the former governor of that province and Cristina Kirchner activist, Sergio Urribarri.

The Buenos Aires Federal Chamber confirmed, last week, the prosecutions of Lesa and Palá for alleged illegal espionage on Stiuso and federal judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado and ordered to pass this file to prosecutor Eduardo Taiano who is investigating the crime of former AMIA prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

Lesa stated, in his investigation, that he sold a “virtual computer” to a certain “Francesco Castellana” from the company Expressvpn, while the IP (a unique number for each digital device) was from Palá.

Those consulted in the Migration database in 2015, without a court order, about the movements of Stiuso and Arroyo Salgado They were made with the user “WMlopez” of the Counterintelligence Directorate of the AFI when it was directed by the current deputy Rodolfo Tailhade.

But first the federal judge Julián Ercolini and then the Federal Chamber, made up of Eduardo Farah and Martín Irurzun, they didn’t believe him.

Furthermore, the virus that was sent to Nisman, days after he filed the complaint in January 2015 for covering up Iranians through the Iran Pact, would have come out. “from that same IP”, stated a judicial source.

Clarion The company consulted with London-based ExpressVPN and they declined to say whether “Francesco Castella” is an employee of theirs due to privacy concerns.

A VPN, the firm informs on its WEB page, “it’s a safe tunnel between your device and the internet. “VPNs protect you against snoopers, interference, and online censorship.” In judicial sources, It was striking that an alleged employee of that British company hired a company from Paraná.

In his writing, Stiuso – fired by Cristina Kirchner from the AFI in November 2014 – stated that “the former agent of the AFI Counterintelligence Directorate who used the user to enter the database of the Migration Directorate, in the moment of the events I was on vacation. but in GualeguayBetween rivers”.

“The interest in “searching for me,” as I already expressed in this and other cases, had been widely exhibited, both privately and publicly, by the then Director of the AFI, Oscar Parrilli”, he highlighted.

Stiuso recalled that “Juan Carlos Legascueformer federal judge of Misiones and member of the federal justice of Paraná (Entre Ríos) was an active employee of the SI (later AFI), who was accused of participating in the maneuver for which U$400,000 was paid to Carlos Tellendin. , the former car reducer who was accused of delivering the Trafic that was used as a car bomb in the attack against the AMIA.

Lesa and Palá have two lawyers. One is Santiago Bupo and another is Luciano Jorge Legascue, nephew of that former federal judge from Paraná.

“These illegal intelligence tasks were carried out, with a code that the AFI had, from a strikingly distant place (if we take into account that this code was used by personnel from the counterintelligence directorate, which is based in CABA). Probably so as not to leave traces of that persecution of which he was a victim“Stiuso added.

Searches in the Migrations database regarding Stiuso “began on January 18, 2015 at 16:14:10 hs and 16:14:17 hs, that is, when “it was not known yet” what had happened inside Nisman’s department in Puerto Madero”

Prosecutor Nisman’s mother entered the apartment of the Le Parc towers in Puerto Madero, at 10:30 p.m. and then it was known that the former AMIA prosecutor was dead with a bullet in the head.

But from the “virtual computer” created by Lesa with Palá’s phone, they not only analyzed the movements of Stiuso and Arroyo Salgado, but “also those of Horacio Germán García”, the former director of Counterintelligence to Tailhade and a trusted man of the complainant.

“This “intelligence group” was activated on Sunday, January 18, 2015 with its first search for me in Immigration, in the afternoon, and It closed its activity at the end of the month (more precisely on January 30, 2015 at 1:04 p.m.)”Stiuso stressed in his presentation.

But “almost like a spy movie, the searches on me also included other State agencies in addition to the AFI, Immigration and Customs” such as the Financial Information Unit (UIF), which began its work at the end of that year. month of January, almost like giving one organism the baton to another organism”.

The UIF K generated a suspicious operation report (ROS) about Stiuso “surprised by the number of telephones that the SI used and that were in my name. And the surprise of the UIF was because Movicom/Movistar said that “I was a hairdresser.”

And based on “that false ROS, a criminal case was shaped, in order to be able to put “their fingers on the right”, that is, to be able to be validated to carry out all the searches they wanted about me and my family.”

The accused “surely For protection, they do not say who entrusted them with these tasks, but for me it is clear that Lesa and Palá were following orders from the highest authorities of the SI”, in reference to Parrilli and his number two and current vice minister of Justice, Juan Martín Mena.

Palá y Lesa is just the “tip of the iceberg”. Not only Dr. Arroyo Salgado and I were victims of illegal espionage. Many other people also suffered from the same thing”, referring to the more than 100 judges, politicians and journalists included in observation orders (which involve monitoring and tapping) by the AFI K.

Stiuso then highlighted that “those who appear as owners of the addresses where the IP (a unique number to identify each computer) was operated to access the database would be people close to network information analysis services, as well as people who They could be related to intelligence services. The circle closes perfectly”.

For his part, Luciano Legasque told the digital newspaper that “to an internationally renowned company Express VPN “He was the one who asked Mr. Palá for the service of a certain server with certain characteristics.”

“That server in which Palá intervened as intermediary “It was the one that would have been used to make those alleged entries into the Migration database, that is how Palá’s name emerged in the investigation,” he added in his client’s defense.

And he assured: “Because of this quality that he has as an intermediary, is not the owner of that service, the owner is Iplan, which maintains ownership of that server; and Palá, which is very important, does not have any type of access or control over the use that the final consumer subsequently makes with the service that was contracted from him.”

“The only thing Palá does in this facet of his private activity is bill as a reseller. This figure of intermediary It is very common in this exchange of serviceswhich is why it has attracted so much attention to try to subject him to criminal proceedings,” the lawyer stressed.

In that sense, regarding this figure of intermediary, the lawyer specified: “Precisely this dynamic is even accepted by the Justice, because in other cases, even those filed in Comodoro Py and in the CABA justice system, This problem has arisen in which IP addresses arise with criminal or suspected criminal usebut in those cases what they have done is contact Palá so that he can only report on his client, but Justice has never dared to try to award him the use of that IP.”

When asked how Lesa came to the investigation, Legascue noted: “In the registration of this exchange of the IP address, Palá provided an alternative contact telephone number, which is owned by Lesa. “This is how he arrives at the investigation, the call for him is much more abrupt considering that he is called to be accused of a crime simply for being the owner of a telephone line,” he stated.

The lawyer concluded by saying that“the reality is that they have been friends for many years, each one is dedicated separately to offering computer services and they have a long local, even provincial, history, they have always dedicated themselves to that.”

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