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The Government’s reaction to the controversial video of Silvina Batakis at the Apple Store in New York

The images of the former Minister of Economy in the traditional store, in the US, had an impact on the networks but would not have political consequences.

The video that circulated on social networks in which the president of Banco Nación is seen, Silvina Batakis, sitting in an Apple Store in New York, it will not have political consequences. In the Government they assure that its continuity “is not in doubt” and that it has “the absolute support” of President Alberto Fernández.

“Thinking and proposing that you can go for a Twitter video is nonsense”they assured Clarín from the presidential environment.

Another source, extremely trusted by Fernández, reinforced: “Let’s be serious,” he asked, given the versions that circulated that the images of Batakis had generated discomfort in Casa Rosada.

“There is no possibility that he will leave his position”, they completed from Balcarce 50.

In line with what they let transcend from the Batakis environment, in the Government they argued that in his visit to the Apple Store “he did not make any purchases” and that his trip to New York “was not on vacation” but because “he has a work schedule.” management” and returns to Argentina this Tuesday. “She is an excellent official who grabbed a hot iron when many were hiding,” they highlight in the Executive, where they seem not to take into account that the postcard contrasts with the request that Sergio Massa -and Batakis herself- sent to take care of the reserves.

So much support can well be explained in this last point: for the President, who turned to Batakis at a complex moment after the untimely departure of Martín Guzmán, it was a hard blow to have to fire her to facilitate the arrival of Massa.

The official, to make matters worse, found out while flying back to Argentina from the US, where she had gone to appear before the authorities of the International Monetary Fund and the Treasury Department.

But the criticism this weekend triggered all kinds of speculation. The wave of indignation and controversy that broke out on Twitter, at a time of shortage of reserves and economic crisis, had Batakis’ recent past as fuel.

In her short time as Minister of Economy, Batakis strictly defended the policy of restricting access to foreign currency imposed by the Government.

“The right to travel collides with the generation of jobs,” said Batakis, in one of his first definitions after replacing Guzmán, which earned him strong criticism from opponents. “When you make purchases abroad and those dollars are the ones that should have gone to the productive sector, we are damaging the future of all Argentines,” he explained.

Now, the opposition revived those statements to question his appearance in the Apple Store.

“Batakis colliding with the right to generate work: it’s in the Apple Store in New York. The only ones who have access to the dollar are the vaccinated VIPs,” said economist Diana Mondino.

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