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The Government will once again summon the governors to La Rosada to finalize the details of the omnibus law and the fiscal package

Official sources confirmed that the Government will once again summon the 24 governors to the Casa Rosada to discuss the changes to the omnibus law. In the coming days the date of the new meeting would be confirmed and if there will be several and it will be defined if the president Javier Milei joins the new summit, a possibility that today sounds unlikely. The Government is still discussing the format of the meeting to find out if they will all be together or will be received by their party membership or by region.

The provincial leaders were received by the Minister of the Interior Guillermo Francos and by the chief of staff Nicolas Posse last March 8.

At that meeting they took three pages with the titles of the new Bases law, the fiscal package and the 13 public companies that the Government wants to concession or privatize.

The Patagonian governors continue to resist the reversal of the Income Tax promoted by the Executive while a majority demands an increase in shared resources. The Government plans to give half a sanction to the basic law in Deputies.

In the meeting in which there were different complaints and billings for the President’s attacks on the provincial leaders and requests from the management, it was resolved to form a political commission and another economic one with the provincial government and economy ministers respectively to iron out details of the law, but finally a second meeting with governors would take place first. Milei, meanwhile, received the executives of the provinces on December 19 at the Casas Rosada.

Since the last meeting in Balcarce 50, the Government received a severe setback due to the rejection of the DNU/70 in the Senate, where the provincial leaders have more standing. Now, the Government will need the governors to delay that discussion in the Lower House and approve the Bases law. He will also turn to them to gather the two-thirds of votes he needs to approve the lists of candidates he proposed for the Supreme Court, although that discussion would be left for later.

Since then Francos and Posse have focused above all on closing ranks with the dialogue blocks of Deputies. The governors asked to be summoned to gather the votes “of the last mile” after the Government concentrates on adding the will of the Deputies.

In addition, governors of all political stripes stopped by the offices of Francos, Posse and Luis Caputo for hand-to-hand meetings. This week, it was the turn of Claudio Vidal from Santa Cruz, who visited the head of the Interior while Gustavo Sáenz did the same with the Minister of Economy. Days before it had been the turn of Alfredo Cornejo from Mendoza, Marcelo Orrego from San Juan and Rolando Figueroa from Neuquén. Before the summit with all the governors, 50 other provincial leaders will continue to parade through Balcarce.

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