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The Government whitewashes the regrettable attitude of the blackmailers and gives them free rein

The concentration of the Spanish women’s soccer team will finally take place this Tuesday in Oliva (Valencia)after initially the international ones, many of which They entered the list reluctantly and for fear of being sanctioned after imposing not to be called so that each and every one of their whims could be fulfilled.were convened in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas (Madrid).

The footballers have received train tickets to travel to the capital of Turia and from there to the Nova Beach Hotel in Oliva, where they are summoned in the afternoon. There they will remain concentrated before traveling to Sweden to play, on Friday, the first match of the Nations League. The second will be against Switzerland, in Córdoba, on Tuesday, September 26.

However, the internationals were initially called to go to Madrid. The new coach, Montse Tomé, was the first to arrive to a hotel near the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, the Hotel Alameda de Barajas, which replaced the traditional Las Rozas Football City as the meeting place. Upon his arrival, around 11:00 and in front of the expectation of dozens of cameras from different media outlets, he showed his confidence that the 23 soccer players named this Monday would attend the national team’s concentration. Tomé did not answer any of the many questions from the journalists, except for a brief “yes” to affirm that he trusts that the soccer players will attend the concentration. “Understand me, “We will talk and give explanations.”he added to the media.

Some of those already present in the capital of Spain traveled to the hotel, such as Athenea del Castillo, Misa Rodriguez, Olga Carmona, Tere Abelleira, Oihane Hernandez and Eva Navarrowho will subsequently have to travel to Valencia, where they are already heading, Alexia Putellas, Cata Coll, Mariona Caldentey, Irene Paredes and Ona Batlle. All except the first, signatories of the last statement against the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

On Monday, in her first list as a coach, Montse Tomé called up most of the world champions, as well as Mapi León and Patri Guijarro, who return after missing the World Cup for being part of the 15, and Rosa Márquez and María Méndez , although with the significant absences of Jenni Hermoso and Alba Redondo. A call that several players regretted and stressed that it has not been carried out “in a timely manner” according to the regulations, so they cannot be required to “attend.”

Asked how the players feel as a result of everything that has surrounded this call for the national team, the two-time Ballon d’Or winner, Alexia Putellas, responded: “Well, how is it going to be?”

They also asked him this Tuesday, at the Prat airport, if he considered it correct that Jennifer Hermoso has not been summoned to protect her, according to the coach.

Protect Jenni from what? It’s all right, right?”the Barcelona player asked herself ironically, confirming that she had spoken with Jennifer, but that she was not going to comment on it.

The blackmailers know that they have the support of the Government behind them, which allows them to do and undo as they please, in an issue that is going around the world and in which Spain is showing the image of being a truly tambourine country.

The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Victor Francoshas come to the fore to give peace of mind to the blackmailers.

Already on Monday, Francos stated that they were “strongly in favor of the players” in their conflict with the RFEF and explained that first thing on Tuesday he would call “the captains” to try to convince them to come to the concentration with the promise that the The Government will do “whatever is necessary to regularize the situation” in the RFEF, admitting that if they decided not to go, they would have no choice but to “apply the law.”

Francos described as “ridiculous as a country” what happened this Monday with the first list of the new women’s soccer coach, at the same time that he sees the current situation experienced by the national team as “unacceptable.”

Besides, the Secretary of State for Sports confessed that The players he spoke with this Tuesday “were bad, very bad.”. The truth is that the impression I have gotten is negative in the worst of ways. I have not seen resentment, I have not seen bad forms, I have seen regret, sadness and tirednessand that is why I have decided to go support them2, he argued.

“I have conveyed to you the indignation of the Government, the lack of understanding of everything that was happening and the need to know what their opinion was and why we were in that situation to try to help them achieve some of their objectives, which are known to the press, but which had not been conveyed to me personally,” he added.

Francos reported that the interim president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Pedro Rocha, you already know that you will visit the international ones. “I have not consulted him, I have told him that I was going to do it. I think it is the obligation of the president of the CSD in a case like this and therefore let’s see what we can explain this afternoon, what they tell us, what they propose and that no one doubt that “We are one hundred percent with them.”he settled.

Later, in statements to RTVE, the president of the CSD stated that, if there is a player who is not comfortable with the situation, she should be dismissed: “If a player is not comfortable, she does not feel comfortable and does not want to be there, I believe that more normal is that naturally it is called off and another one is calledwithout any sanction.” Free letter for the blackmailers to continue with their private farce.

Tomé, the coach, is sentenced and will be the next to fall.

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