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The government launches a 125 million euro plan to help companies export

The plan includes 13 measures to help France once again become “a great exporting and commercial power”.

By LL with AFP

The government’s plan has 13 measures, including assistance in hiring a young person dedicated to export.

LThe government is trying to reduce the trade deficit. A 125 million euro plan to push the country’s companies to export has been put in place, the office of the Minister for Foreign Trade announced to AFP on Thursday.

Equipped with 13 measures, including aid to encourage companies to go to international trade fairs and support for the hiring of a young person dedicated to export, this plan is financed for the period 2023-2026, specified the firm. of the minister.

Other key measures consist of strengthening the visibility of French products on major online sales platforms, supporting the export of winning companies from the France 2030 initiative and training young entrepreneurs in export challenges. This plan is intended for small and medium-sized businesses and mid-sized businesses.

Becoming “a great exporting power” again

At the end of 2022, 145,700 French companies were exporting. The government aims to increase this number to 200,000 by 2030. “France can and must once again become a major exporting and commercial power. We have been in the past, there is no inevitability that we will not become one again. France cannot accept chronic trade deficits,” said the Minister for Foreign Trade, Olivier Becht, in an interview published Thursday by Le Figaro.

In 2018, the “Roubaix strategy” saw the birth of Team France Export (TFE), an organization bringing together all French export players and making it possible to more effectively support companies tempted by the international market.

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Furthermore, previous support schemes, through the export component of the France Relance plan, ended at the end of 2022. They notably offered credits to exporting companies to promote their products on online platforms abroad, as well as as well as translation and training aids.

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