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The ‘Gordo Mortero’ reappeared and justified the incidents in Congress: ‘Rights are not achieved by asking for permission’

Sebastián Romero, the left-wing leader popularly known as ‘Gordo Mortero’, justified the violent attack on Congress by militants protesting against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF): “The criminals were inside, voting for a scam,” he said.

It was in a spicy interview he had on Radio Miter with Eduardo Feinmann, in which he gave his opinion on the images that were seen on television this Thursday and recalled the incidents of 2017. On that occasion, the social movements attacked the building to protest against the reform pension promoted by the government of Mauricio Macri.

That day Romero was filmed with a homemade weapon made with a branch, with which he fired fireworks at the police. For this fact, she has been in house arrest for a year and a half. Regarding this fact, he maintained that he is “a victim of State violence.”

“(I am) a victim like all the workers and the people, by the decision of Congress. What a shame, history repeats itself, change the government to continue impoverishing the people“He said when talking about the events of Thursday.

“It was shown that the ruling party and the opposition fight over their position, but they agree to continue bringing hunger to the people. The removal of rights, of conquest and of food from the Argentine table will intensify,” he said.

In that sense, he maintained that “this government in practice does the same thing. They benefit those who have the most, they justify private property over people’s lives,” he said.

Romero affirmed that he could not see the incidents, since he was without power at the time of the march. “Yesterday the power went out in the poor neighborhoods,” he said, although he was able to see the images hours later.

Incidents in Congress during the session in the National Congress to discuss the debt with the IMF. Photo Federico López Claro.

Asked by Feinmann about his justification for the violence that took place in Congress, Romero stated that it is a “defense”.

“Self-defense is legitimate, rights were not achieved by asking for permission. It is defending yourself from repression. It is wrong for the State to repress you. I am imprisoned for demonstrating”Held.

There Feinmann retorted him to consult him on whether violence is the way to protest, where there was a spicy back and forth. “Do you think that workers don’t like violence? When you have nothing to lose, it leads you to that. The criminals went with rubber bullets, they were in Congress voting for a scam, make no mistake. Those of us who wanted them to stop stealing from us were outside,” Romero replied.

However, Feinmann crossed it again and once again rejected the use of violence. “They violate us with hunger, the police, with exploitation, with miserable wages. You ask for non-violence, when the whole system is violent. They put me in jail for throwing out free-sale pyrotechnics when Macri was released and nobody knows where the hell he spent the money. That is more violent,” replied the leader.

Regarding the agreement, Romero stated that “it is a lie and hypocrisy to say that it will improve our lives.”

Incidents in Congress during the session in the National Congress to discuss the debt with the IMF.  Photo Federico López Claro.

Incidents in Congress during the session in the National Congress to discuss the debt with the IMF. Photo Federico López Claro.

It’s easy to blame whoever dropped the bomb, when the bomb was inside Congress because they are going to blow up our lives, salaries, conquests, they are going to contaminate the earth and co-govern the IMF. And the most serious thing was a Molotov when they made an agreement to hand over the country?

Regarding his procedural situation, he defined himself as “a political prisoner”. “Clearly I am a political prisoner and a hostage of the previous government, of this one, to show the group of workers that whoever mobilizes has their rights taken away,” he said.

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