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the good side of the story

Today I have heard again the answer of Courtois that has raised so many blisters among mattress makers, that of the famous good side of the story. It is a response since the Belgian goalkeeper of Real Madrid does not sit in front of the media and suddenly, and out of the blue, says that he is now on the good side of history but that his response is the result of a question someone asks you. In the same way that she does not tell me offhandedly that my mother can be calm because she is going to stop them all, neither does she speak on the bright side out of the blue, but rather, I insist, her response is the result of a Question. So, to know what Courtois’s words come from and why, it would be good to know what was asked beforehand, right?

The question is put to Courtois by a journalist from the newspaper Brand who is called Mario Cortegana and is, verbatim, the following: “You who speak very clearly, if you look back, if you remember that final in Lisbon, do you know what it is like to face Real Madrid, to be on the other side, do you What do you think the Liverpool players will be thinking today, tonight, in the room before going to sleep when they look at Real Madrid and the legend of the thirteen Champions League, what will they think?”… So the journalist asks Courtois what he thinks the Liverpool players are thinking about, which is Real Madrid’s rival team in the Paris final. And this is what Courtois is asked, and not about anything else that the rest of us have invented, that is, about what he thinks the Liverpool footballers will be thinking about the Real Madrid legend, is what he answers. And Courtois verbatim answers this other: “Well, in the end I think they already played a final against Madrid in 2018. I think it’s different for me obviously, if you face Real Madrid you know that when they play a final they win it And that’s why I think I’m now on the good side of history.” I mean, Courtois. does not answer any question that has anything to do with Atlético de Madrid, which does not paint anything in the press conference prior to a Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, but, referring to the 2018 final and not to other finals, he replies that he believes that the Liverpool footballers think that the Madrid wins the finals and, since Madrid wins the finals, he adds that he is now on the good side of history. The word Lisbon only appears once and it is not in the answer but in the question.

This response from Courtois about what he thinks the Liverpool players will be thinking has caused the International Union of Supporters Clubs of Atlético de Madrid demands that the plaque be removed from the Belgian goalkeeper that he has in the Wanda Metropolitano, that the Atlético mayor of the city of Madrid draw attention to the player in public, taking advantage of Real Madrid’s visit to the City Council for the celebration of La Decimocuarta, that the president of Atlético de Madrid tell the leaving a meal that if someone wants to remove Courtois’ plate go with a pick and a shovel and remove it, that a vandal has actually gone to the stadium with a pick and a shovel and removed it and that today Atlético has replaced it. This mess has been set up in an absolutely artificial way because not even the president of the International Union of Atlético de Madrid Supporters Clubs (whom, by the way, I did not hear disgrace the behavior of that mattress supporter who, megaphone in hand, insulted Lunin taking advantage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine) nor the president of Atlético de Madrid (who, by the way, justified that his club did not make the corridor to the League champion so as not to cloud relations between both fans) nor of course Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida (who, by the way, I did not hear say anything when a group of violent insulted Peter Federico because of the color of their skin), none of them have heard the journalist’s question, much less Courtois’s answer. And why haven’t they heard it? Very easy: because they are not interested in doing it.

With no intention of criminalizing anyone except, of course, criminals, it should be remembered that in 2019, without Courtois doing anything offensive except signing for Real Madrid, the Belgian goalkeeper’s plaque was already flooded with photos of deer, plastic cups empty bottles, beer cans, a couple of rats and I daresay urine of probably human origin, so I guess if Courtois had actually thought to say what he didn’t say, then he’s now on the good side of history and not in the bad guy, who represents Atleti, the footballer would have to include him in the list of protected witnesses, take him out of Spain under another namechange his face and get him to safety as soon as possible.

Atlético de Madrid is not going to stop having the problem it has no matter how many times we give it, very soon we get up and very late we go to bed. The problem of Atlético de Madrid is the violence that, usurping its name and using football as an alibi, is used by a minority of its followers who are located. They are indeed on the bad side of this story, the four radicals who attacked two waiters the other day at Casa García and El Ruedo and in another bar they tried to steal the stuffed head of a bull yes they are on the bad side. One of the employees attacked, 26 years old, could lose the sight of one eye. I have heard the mayor of Madrid, who is also the mayor of Madridistas, even of those of us who have not voted for him or plan to do so in the future, reprimand Courtois in public for some statements that have been misunderstood, but I have not listened to him denounce the vandals who lynched two kids for the reason that Vinicius had just scored a goal.

Courtois signed for Real Madrid after spending seven years playing for Chelsea, seven. Marcos Llorente, for example, went from Madrid to Atleti and, although there are no plates to pee at the Bernabéu, no one cared in the least, Real Madrid did not care. And, by the way, not condemning everything that is happening in that historic club, looking the other way, playing Swedish or trying to avoid it by appealing to the milonga that Atleti bothers or cannot be understood supposes, deep down, justify that they laughed at lunin, they will insult Peter Federico by calling him black or a fool who has gone to the Metropolitano at dawn to tear off a soccer player’s badge. And with regard to Liverpool, who only have 6 European Cups and who have lost the last two finals to Madrid, of course Courtois is on the good side of history, the side of history where you win instead of to lose The thin skin, dear ones, for when a mentally destitute yells at a kid “You here playing and your country crying.” That one would not have to remove the badge, no, but the membership card. But we take that more calmly if you think so.

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