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The former Roosevelt Cinema passes into the hands of Commonwealth-Parkville School

On September 25, with great regret, they said goodbye to the old Roosevelt Cinema, in Hato Rey, when the last film was screened in the cultural space, which closed its doors after 73 years of operations.

For that month, its former owners, Cecile Solá and Milton Garland, announced that they would close the cinema permanently, as both the pandemic and government restrictions, as well as the “streaming” services with simultaneous premieres on television, greatly affected the couple economically to the point that the operation was unsustainable.

Although there was resignation in the face of such an outcome, feelings of hope that the old facility would work again also emerged. That will be a reality, although perhaps not with the use that the installation had until three months ago, since the educational institution Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS) announced today that they acquired the structure, located on Eleonor Roosevelt Street, in Hato Rey, just steps from their upper campus.

“We can’t wait for great opportunities to emerge, including programs and extensive offerings. Congratulations to our principal, Rick Weinland, and the CPS board of directors for their vision. “, they posted on the school’s official Facebook page.

Similarly, in a communication issued to their school community, they were notified about the purchase of the Roosevelt Cinema and how excited they were with the acquisition of this establishment to be part of their program.

“It will allow us to create a more professional auditorium and setting for our theater program, while at the same time having the ability to screen films and hold events and presentations. Adding this facility to our campus will also allow us to improve the quality of our academic and extracurricular offerings, ”said the communication.

Likewise, they appreciated the consideration provided by Teatros Solá throughout the purchase process.

“We know that Cine Roosevelt has played an important role in the life of the Solá family over the years, and that the decision to sell the theater is an emotional one. We also know that Cine Roosevelt has been an icon in the Roosevelt community in San Juan for decades, and we hope to preserve this property for years to come, ”concluded the communication signed by the school principal.

The amount of the transaction was not reported.


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