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The fight of the year: Real Madrid and Partizán end up beating each other with madness including Yabusele

Real Madrid lost again the second game of the playoff against Partizánthis time by 80-95, and in the absence of Walter Tavares, due to injury, he showed that there is no plan B, in a game that was left unfinished when at 1.40 minutes from regulation time there was a general brawl between the two teams.

With 1.40 minutes to go (80-95) there was a brawl, to call it something, in which the two benches were involved and which ended, after several martial arts combats in pairs and groups, and then of more than ten minutes of arbitration deliberation, with a conclave between referees and coaches decided by the main referee Radovic ending the match.

An unprecedented decision in which the Euroleague will have to take action. The 80-95 final does justice and the 0-2 tie makes things more than very complicated in the face of qualifying for the final to Cuatro. Without Tavares there is no plan B.

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