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The fight for the Court of Deputies begins: the FdT wants to take the debate to an ultra K commission

The ruling party is set to issue a majority opinion and the opposition seeks to block itself to get a dispatch rejecting the reform.

The expansion project of the Supreme Court of Justicewhich obtained the half sanction of Senate in a tight vote, it’s already in deputies and it begins to generate alerts within the opposition, because the ruling party aims for the treatment in commission to be headed by an ultra K deputy.

The proposal must be discussed in a plenary session of commissions and the front of all wants the debate to be led by Justice, who chairs Rodolfo Tailhadeone of the sharpest christianists of the ruling bloc, with extensive handling of judicial issues.

Faced with this situation, a sector of Together for Change He raised the possibility of making a presentation since the proposal in the Senate had Constitutional Affairs as its head, which is another of the commissions to which it was turned in Deputies along with the Budget.

Obviously, what the opposition wanted was to prevent the debate from being controlled by an ultra-K deputy. But the opposition coalition frozen the claim note because the Pampas Hernan Perez Araujo (FdT), which chairs Constitutional Affairs, did not generate much confidence of a debate within “normal parameters”.

From sectors of the opposition and among the partners of Together there were conflicting opinions since some agreed with the ruling party that the project should have the Justice Commission as its head commission.

Beyond this data that makes the parliamentary procedure, in the opposition they remain on alert and the leadership of Together for Change hopes that the Cordovan Ignatius Garcia Aresca Y Graciela Camano accompany an opinion rejecting the expansion of the Court that could be imposed on the office of the ruling party.

The Frente de Todos, which has a majority in the three commissions, is more than adjusted to impose your proposal and the definition, if the ruling party decides to summon the treatment of the project, could be only by a signature.

“Today they do not have the votes, I see it very difficult, beyond the fact that the Government is going to try to get the votes with the usual methods that we know. But the fact that it promotes the project and has the half sanction of the Senate is enough to create a state of restlessness and anxiety among the members of the Court,” he explained to this newspaper Paul Tonellideputy and advisor to the Magistracy.

In the opposition they know that they cannot give room for concession because the project is approved with a simple majority and, consequently, the key will be the quorum. Although the Front of All would not meet the 129 deputies required to start the session, in Together they pointed against the sectors of the opposition that express themselves against the expansion of the Court, “but later they give a quorum to only take their incendiary speech“.

A deputy told an anecdote related to the half sanction of the Senate. Earlier in the week the proposal was approved, Louis Naidenoff (UCR) had ruled out that Kirchnerism could advance with the law, but hours later a special session was called and a day later it was approved “for the benefit of Cristina Kirchner.”

“They do not need a level of agreement as great as for the suspension of the PASO,” warned the legislator, who asked to be more than alert to that “there are no surprises during the World Cup (it is played during November in Qatar) and Kirchnerism takes the opportunity to introduce the law, because those days are when the impossible laws“, complete.

Graciela Camaño warned Clarion that the reform of the Court is among the issues that “they are difficult” to treat in Deputies. Although the Federal Interbloc has already warned that they are going to “prevent this project from advancing, which is an unconstitutional fantasy“.

While, Rodrigo Loredo, from Evolución Radical, described the official project as “a crazy fact”. “They have the will to approve it because is part of the narrative that they are building, discrediting the Court and a Judicial Power that is advancing steadily on the vice president”, emphasized the Cordovan in reference to the Vialidad case.

Facundo Manes He also expressed himself about the ruling party’s attempt to advance on Justice. “Here the proposals do not have to do with technical issues that demonstrate a better functioning of the Court, but rather there is a sector that is looking at how to subordinate justice to another power,” emphasized the neuroscientist.

Meanwhile, in the Frente de Todos bloc, they are seeing the moment to install the debate, since in principle they would have two fewer votes if what happened in the Senate is repeated, where Maria Eugenia Catalfamo It was because of the refusal as a result of the inmate that the brothers Alberto and Adolfo Rodríguez Saá have.

Together for Change and the reform of the Court

Pablo Tonelli, also a constitutional lawyer, pointed out that the reform of the Court could be discussed “in another context,” but he clarified that “it would never have 15 members because it is an exaggeration.”

“At another time when there is tranquility in the Judiciary and these attacks do not exist, we can analyze if it is convenient a Court with five or seven. But at the present time, what the Government has to do is propose a replacement for Ellen Highton of Nolasco“said the legislator, who emphasized that “this expansion project hides a subaltern interest, that it is the Government’s intention to control the Court or at least put it in a situation of uncertainty”.

For its part, Paula Olivet He explained that “the discussion is much deeper” and stressed that beyond the names that make up the highest court of justice, “the Argentine Court is quite independent.” “The problem here is that the Court is not fair to the vice president who wants a kirchnerist court“added the deputy of the Civic Coalition.


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