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The fight continues: WPT sues FIP, Qatar Sports and players for “unfair competition”

World Padel Tour (WPT) has filed a lawsuit for “unfair competition” against the International Padel Federation (FIP), the business group Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), as well as the Players Association (Professional Padel Association) and its Board of Directors.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Mercantile Court number 15 of Madrid (a Hearing will be held on July 1, 2022), and in it WPT maintains that the defendants act in “concerted manner” in order to exclude WPT of the market to replace it with the new Premier Padel circuit, organized by QSI and FIP.

WPT considers in its lawsuit that the defendants have engaged in “numerous prohibited practices” by the Unfair Competition Law, such as “inducing WPT players to breach their contract” and benefiting from that breach, in addition to “boycott” the normal development of the WPT circuit “taking advantage of the IFJ’s dominant position”.

Furthermore, they regret that the IFJ has departed from its role as Regulation organism of the sport of paddle tennis, non-profit, to “commercially exploit” a professional competition “in competition with others”.

Within those “prohibited practices” that they denounce in the lawsuit, WPT also considers that the defendants They “plunder” the investment made by WPTwho “denigrate” the circuit and its managers and who carry out a “sale at a loss” (‘dumping’) of the Premier Pádel circuit.

“Simultaneously with the filing of the lawsuit, WPT has requested as a precautionary measure the immediate cessation of the practices referred to above, among them the suspension of the participation in any tournament of the Premier Pádel circuit of those players who have a valid contract with the WPT”, wields the WPT circuit.

If the Court grants these precautionary measures, WPT argues that the defendants “must refrain” from carrying out actions that WPT understands to be contrary to the Law, such as participating in FIP and QSI tournaments. If the Court dismisses the injunctions, WPT’s main claim will continue “until the Court rules on the merits of the matter.”

WPT points out that this claim for unfair competition is “additional and independent” of the arbitration claims that WPT previously filed against players who breached contracts by participating in the first Premier Padel tournament in Doha (Qatar).

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