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The extreme defense of Almeida to Simeone

The news that José Luis Martínez Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, is a faithful supporter of Atlético de Madrid and a great defender of Diego Pablo Simeone. Whenever he can, the Madrid president shows his rojiblanco sentiment and today he did it again at the Marca Awards gala where, for example, the Pichichi or Zamora awards were presented.

“Real Madrid is strong in the League, but the ‘Atleti’ never stops believingWe proved it last year, we are going to compete until the end, “said Almeida when asked about the irregularity of his team and the great form of his eternal rival.

In addition, the Mayor wanted to emphasize the figure of Diego Pablo Simeone, who was named best coach of last season: “We are alive in the Champions League, with a complicated situation, we are the current League champion and we are just four points behind Real Madrid. After 10 years, criticizing Simeone is unfair “.

In this same gala, Oblak received the Zamora award as goalkeeper least thrashed, Simeone was the best coach and Luis Suárez won the MVP of the season for his 21 goals with Atlético.


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