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The evil losing German against Villarreal: “It’s part of the Spanish mentality”

Julian Nagelmanncoach of Bayern Munich, did not digest well the fair defeat in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against a huge Villarreal.

the german technician shot with bullet on football style used by the Yellow Submarine in the second leg when justifying the failure of the Bavarian team: “We had 68% possession. If they defend with eight players in the area it’s hard to get into the game. The goal is something typical that they achieve after recovering the ball, It’s part of the game, it’s the Spanish mentality, it’s something that teams from the south do“.

Giving style lessons when you’ve failed miserably, Julian? Nail despicable words that he uses as an excuse a coach who recognizes that not going to the semifinals is a huge disappointment: “It’s one of the three worst defeats of my career. The season is not enough for Bayern. The semi-finals were the minimum goal we had.”

According to Nagelsmann, the tie is lost in the first leg: “We didn’t have a presence in the first leg. We knew that Villarreal know how to defend and they showed it against Juventus. We lost the tie in the first leg because in recent years when we lost the first leg we didn’t go through”.

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