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The EU announces 500 million more to send heavy weapons to Ukraine

Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. / Reuters

This financial aid will serve to provide kyiv with armored vehicles and tanks, but not fighter jets, points out Josep Borrell

“The war at the gates of Europe endangers European values.” This phrase from community leaders echoed several times in the European Parliament after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The European Union has a lot at stake in the conflict and wants to continue supporting kyiv by sending weapons. This same Friday, the head of European diplomacy announced another 500 million euros to reinforce the Ukrainian army with heavy military equipment.

The EU thus raises the funds to arm the country to 2,000 million euros, deployed through the European Peace Mechanism. “These 500 million will be used for heavy weapons such as armored vehicles, tanks, heavy artillery, ammunition… things that are needed in this type of war,” detailed Borrell, who is currently attending the G7 Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Berlin. Within the framework of that meeting, the High Representative has called for “a new impetus” in military support for Ukraine. Spain, for its part, has already sent weapons worth 21 million euros to Ukraine.

The provision of heavy military equipment to the Ukrainian army is a sensitive issue between the countries of the bloc. Also in NATO, where several states, including Spain, were reluctant to send heavy weapons to kyiv. This is one of the main demands of the Ukrainian authorities, who ask allied countries for heavy equipment, fighter jets and tanks to repel Russian attacks. Borell, for his part, has ruled out sending fighter jets.

This new aid package must now receive the green light from the European Council, which will discuss this measure at the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday. According to diplomatic sources, the new financial round has the support of the majority of member states and there will be no problems for its approval.

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