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The end of the iPhone? They claim that Apple wants to replace it with this product in 10 years

The flagship smartphone of Manzana, the iPhone, its days would be numbered. The Cupertino tech giant looks at the future of its mobile devices focused on augmented reality. Apparently, the next device will be able to work without the need of the phone and would integrate two 4K screens to be able to see content in virtual reality.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was in charge of filtering the next launches of the apple company predicted that by 2032, the iPhone will no longer be released on the market, as published by the site 9To5Mac. Its replacement will be an augmented reality device.

Another who supports this view is Mark Gurman, a journalist with the agency Bloomberg, who confirmed in their weekly newsletter that Apple would announce these lenses late next year. In principle as an accessory of the iPhone, but its evolution will lead you to become the next technological leap which will relegate smartphones in 2032.

The basis of this new device will be a helmet or augmented reality glasses, one that will be able to superimpose digital content on the images of reality, in a context in which the technological giants will focus their attention on the Metaverse.

According to several market analysts, Apple would stop selling iPhones in 2032. Photo: REUTERS.

Kuo pointed out that this device, which will be presented next year as an “AR headset”, will have the same power as the Mac andin the future it will work independently of the iPhone, with a wide range of applications, rather than specific applications.

“An augmented reality headset that works independently means that it will have its own ecosystem and it will provide a more complete and flexible user experience ”, explained the expert.

“Currently, there are more than 1 billion active iPhone users. If Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR in ten years, it means that the company will sell at least 1 billion AR devices in ten years, ”Kuo added.

The analyst also said in his letter that at least the first version of AR “will be equipped with two Sony 4K micro OLED displays.” This ensures, according to him, that the device will be ready for an immersion in virtual reality.

In a previous publication, the analyst had made his own projection of the evolution of the product that will replace the iPhone. “We predict that Apple’s new product roadmap includes three phases: helmet type for 2022, glasses type for 2025 and contact lens type for 2030-2040, ″ Kuo wrote on the MacRumors site in March of this year.

What is known about Apple glasses

Beyond the speculations of Ming-Chi Kuo and what they asserted from the Bloomberg agency, at the moment not many details are known about Apple’s augmented reality glasses, also known as “mixed reality glasses” for the possibility of seeing content in virtual reality.

The analyst, in addition, also revealed that the AR viewer could reach the mark during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The analyst, in addition, also revealed that the AR viewer could reach the mark during the fourth quarter of 2022.

It is known that these sophisticated augmented reality glasses will be able to work independently of the iPhone, since they will include their own applications, which may well link it with the Oculus helmet.

They will also arrive powered by two possibly self-made processors. On the one hand, a chip similar to the M1 that the firm includes in its Macs for the most demanding tasks, and another less powerful processor to be able to manage the multiple sensors that the device will include.



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