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The discovery of another 200 corpses once again portrays the horror of Mariúpol

Makeshift cemetery on the outskirts of Ma

The bodies, in “advanced state of decomposition”, were found in the underground shelter of a building destroyed by Kremlin troops

The shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine casts new images of the harshness and horror of war. Another black episode is added to the long list of death, destruction and suffering. More mass graves. Less than a month ago, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a staggering 900 dead civilians found in this type of burials scattered throughout the kyiv region. Although he feared more would turn up, he knew it was likely, and reality has set in with a new discovery. Mariúpol authorities found on Tuesday around 200 bodies in “advanced state of decomposition” inside a shelter located in the basement of a multi-storey building destroyed by Kremlin attacks.

“The bodies of the dead remained at the scene, due to the partially dismantled rubble. The stench is heard in almost the entire neighborhood,” the municipal spokesman for the port city, Petro Andriushchenko, explained in his Telegram account, stressing that makeshift morgues have been established.

Horror haunts this martyred town, submerged in continuous clashes practically since the beginning of the invasion. As if that were not enough, Moscow has urged citizens that, in exchange for facilitating the burial of the victims, they should record themselves blaming the kyiv troops for what happened, said the City Council official.

In this sense, he stressed that to carry out a “new official free burial, it is necessary to wait in line, take the body of the deceased to the morgue, alleging that the body has just been found, or agree to record a video where the applicant says he was killed by the Ukrainian Army.”

“A Continuous Cemetery”

The situation pushes back the citizens, who only want the Russians to leave their country, live in peace and be able to say goodbye to their loved ones who fell during the war. “Due to such conditions, a large number of corpses were packed in a makeshift morgue near the subway, on the street. The city has become a continuous graveyard,” Andriushchenko said in a statement.

And the weather forecast does not predict that the situation will improve, quite the opposite. The increase in temperatures raises fears of health risks, given the large number of corpses that are still out in the open or buried under rubble in different parts of Mariupol. “The sewers provide rainwater, along with garbage, the effects of manure, and cadaveric poison throughout the city. The threat of an Pandemic is becoming a reality with every storm,” Andriushchenko said.

Local authorities have repeatedly denounced the extreme situation that Mariúpol is experiencing, from which an approximate balance of fatalities has not yet come out, although thousands are expected. These last 200 bodies that have been found for now are added to the list of terror that also increased on Monday with the 87 bodies found under the rubble after a Russian air attack in Chernigov.

In the kyiv region, a dozen mass graves have been found so far. “Most of the mass murders took place in Bucha. And unfortunately this figure is not definitive,” said the region’s police chief, Andriy Niebytov, on Tuesday, detailing that the deaths of more than 50% of the 418 bodies examined in this massacred city alone were due to “injuries from bullet”.

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