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The details of the one-on-one meeting between Sergio Massa and Daniel Scioli to cover up the fights within the ruling party

“For the next stage we need everyone.” Those around him say that Sergio Massa He has lowered this concept since long before his candidacy for President was defined. The phrase was also part of the Economy Minister’s repertoire at the first Cabinet meeting in which he participated this Wednesday, in which he asked to “end the inmates” in the ruling party.

With this same premise, received Daniel Sciolione of his main adversaries in the last decade, with whom he had a gesture: he went down to the esplanade of the Palacio de Hacienda to receive him and together they went to the fifth floor, where they met for just over an hour.

It was a very different scene from the one that Massa had generated when he took office at the end of July last year and left him alone at the press conference in which Scioli had to explain his departure from Productive Development, the portfolio that precisely absorbed the Tigrense.

“I met with Ambassador @DanielScioli to strengthen bilateral diplomatic relations that, for more than 200 years, have united Argentina and Brazil economically and culturally. Thank you Daniel for committing yourself and working for unity”, was the message that the minister published on his Twitter after the summit to which he arrived late, forcing the former Buenos Aires governor to wait for him in his car.

Massa went out to meet Scioli at the door of the Ministry of Economy. Photo: Luciano Thieberger

In Economy they do not deny the rivalry that Massa carried out in the last decade with Scioli, a tension that was reflected until hours before the closing of lists. But they assure that “it is something that is part of the past.” “Sergio proposes to everyone to look forward and move forward to consolidate unity,” say sources in his environment familiar with how the appointment with the ambassador in Brazil took place.

Massa, say those who have listened to him in the last hours, lowers the line to his troops “not to fall into triumphalism” after the electoral closure that benefited him and asks to take care of “the harmony of the front.” In Creole: that his leaders, emboldened by his candidacy, do not run over other sectors of Unión por la Patria.

Something similar to what, as he told Clarion days ago, raised his partner and head of AySA, Malena Galmarini, when in an internal chat of the Renewal Front he asked for “humility” and “generosity”.

Cristina Kirchner with Daniel Scioli in the Senate this Wednesday.

Cristina Kirchner with Daniel Scioli in the Senate this Wednesday.

“Our only rivals are the opponents who want to take away rights”, is one of Massa’s messages for the referents of his space. This includes, from now on, the end of the fight with Scioli, with whom he had been in conflict since 2013, when together they planned to leave the Front for Victory but the then-governor regretted it at the last moment.

That decision was the end of the friendly bond that united them and the beginning of the tension between the two, which peaked when they broke into Massa’s house, a fact for which Galmarini blamed Scioli and let him know in a study. on television, when he blurted out: “Everything is wrong with you, piece of lining”.

Massa now wants to turn off the internal not only with Scioli. Also with Victoria Tolosa Paz and Santiago Cafiero, the two Albertistas on the Deputies ballot, whom Massa took care of calling them in the face of circulating rumors to convey to them that he did not want them to leave their places on the ballot. “When we say that we need everyone, it is everyone,” says a massista from the first hour aware of these contacts.

There is an exception in that harmonious climate that he intends to sow: the mayor of Tigre, Julio Zamora, who linked the minister with an alleged “pressure so that he is not a candidate” in order to favor the claims of Galmarini, a pre-candidate in the district.

“He will never release it, it is a separate case,” admit those close to Massa, who considered it a betrayal that the mayor kept the district he won by his hand.

Massa’s idea of ​​summoning Scioli to the ministry was discussed with Cristina Kirchner, who showed his “respect” for the ambassador’s gesture at the closing of lists and called him to his office. On Wednesday they met in Congress and she anticipated on the networks that Scioli and Massa were going to meet this Thursday.

According to sources on both sides, Massa did not make any offer to Scioli in case he wins the election: It is also not clear if he will continue at the embassy in Brazil. “This is not the time to talk about charges. You have to work so that Peronism continues to govern, then it will be seen, ”they said from one sector.

Sergio Massa with Eduardo "Wado" of Pedro, whom he dropped as a candidate.

Sergio Massa with Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, whom he dropped as a candidate.

Massa’s effort to turn off the internal noise is also explained in the mirror with the situation that Juntos por el Cambio is going through, where Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich embarked on a new dispute after the Buenos Aires head of government said that the model What the former minister proposes is “what (Mauricio) Macri tried” and “failed”.

In the last hours, part of the communication team of the ruling party was in charge of viralize the statements of both JxC leaders to amplify the confrontation through the media.

From massismo, after securing the support of Cristina Kirchner and calming the discontent that was noticed in La Cámpora after the decline of the candidacy of Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, they stated that an axis facing the PASO will be to ponder “the cordiality of unity, which includes politicians, trade unionists and businessmen, versus the internal fights of the opposition”.

“Peronism is ordering itself. And this makes us very competitive for the election, as shown by the first surveys after the announcement of the formula”, they reinforce.

Massa-Scioli meeting at the Ministry of Economy.  Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Massa-Scioli meeting at the Ministry of Economy. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

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