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The data that should put Ancelotti on alert: he bordered on tragedy and Camavinga sends him a message

The real Madrid He pulled epic to, once again, come back from a Champions League game that seemed to have been lost. those of Carlo Ancelotti, despite the 1-3 at Stamford Bridge, came out tense and without a clear game plan. They were at the mercy of Chelsea for much of the game and the statistics reflect that.

The set of German Thomas Tuchel shot 29 timesof which only seven went to the door, for 10 from Real Madrid (4 between the three suits). The possession it was also for the ‘blue’ team with the 57%as well as the completed passeswith a total of 487-669 for the London block. Janl km deployment of his men also dominated by 141.8-148.5.

Thibaut Courtois he was key again with his interventions. A stop by the Belgian prevented the 0-4 and once again, he had to work hard more times than the rival goalkeeper -4 stops to 2 by Mendy-. Courtois is the goalkeeper who makes the most stops in the entire Champions League.

Camavinga, a beast

The statistics make it clear that Madrid got into the semifinals being inferior to their rival in the second leg. Data that Ancelotti must handle to try not to play with fire on successive occasions. One of the lessons that the Italian technician should write down in his notebook is knowing how to refresh the engine room. This Tuesday the Camavinga entrance was key for Real Madrid’s comeback. At 19, the Frenchman plays without complexes, as if he were a true veteran. Character, grit, quality, muscle, physique… his match against Chelsea was extraordinary.

Ancelotti must react and make decisions. The initial party plan did not work. Yesterday the changes saved the tie, but until the 0-3 did not come, the Italian did not know how to react. The divine gene will not always appear to solve a critical situation. Or if? With this team football logic has no place.

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