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The danger that you were unaware of when charging your BATTERY: avoid this bad habit

Battery failures are the main cause to change equipment. Tips and recommendations.

Among the main reasons why a user changes their cell phone is found the battery: many jump from one model to another when they can no longer guarantee that come to the end of the day.

Although there is a life cycle for batteriesMy dear between 3 and 5 years depending on the use, there are certain habits that can seriously damage them.

It is also true that there are some myths that remained in force and still drag on. For example, the idea that you have to download almost completely the battery to recharge it, something that, in fact, plays against. The cycle of the battery, composed of lithium ions, is affected if it goes from 1% to 100% frequently and it even takes a chunk out of your battery life.

Both on iPhone and Android, the truth is that in the present there are some bad practices that do not contribute to the health of batteries, so it is undoubtedly better avoid them.

One of them has to do with the cable quality.

Using cheap or damaged cables

Lithium batteries, a component present in all current electronics. Photo Pexels

One of the worst and most dangerous things you can do is use cheap or incompatible cables with your phone. In fact, those stories where phones catch fire out of the blue, they have to do with these kinds of problems.

For this reason it is better to always use the factory accessories that each device brings. For some reason, in fact, they bring those cables.

It is better to avoid cables “third parties”, as they say, that is, manufactured by third parties that are not the originals. iPhone users can look for the “Made for iPhone” label to feel safe.

And attention: all this also applies to wireless chargers.

Charge cycles are the ones that affect the life of a battery the most. The constant charging and discharging cycle slowly degrades the health of the battery, making it even worse when the phone starts the cycle from 0%.

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