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The crooks took away 9 lakhs by cutting the ATM

Radaur, April 13 (Nice)

The miscreants stole cash worth lakhs by cutting the Punjab National Bank ATM located in Radaur’s JMIT College campus with a gas cutter. Three thieves in the car broke into the main gate of the bank and the shutter of the ATM, and with the help of a gas cutter, escaped from the spot with the help of a gas cutter within a few minutes after cleaning hands on about 9 lakh rupees. On getting the information, police and bank employees reached the spot. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV. On Wednesday around 3 am, the thieves gang members entered the main gate of the bank by breaking the lock. After this, breaking the lock of the ATM reached inside the ATM. After this, some lights installed in the bank premises were also broken. The thieves hit black spray on the CCTV cameras as soon as they entered the ATM room so that the incident could not be captured on camera. When the security personnel of JMIT College suspected that there was a fire somewhere nearby, due to the smoke after cutting the ATM with a gas cutter, they saw that the ATM of the bank was missing. Seeing the ATM missing, his senses were blown away. After which the matter was informed to the police and the manager of the bank, on which the police station in-charge Rajkumar and CIA in-charge Rakesh Matoria reached the spot along with the police team and the matter is being investigated.

Security personnel were not deployed

DSP Radaur Rajat Gulia reached the spot and investigated the ATM theft incident thoroughly. The police tried to identify the unknown people from the CCTV cameras installed in and around JMIT Engineering College. Police have registered a case against unknown people on the complaint of bank manager Mohindra Lal. No security personnel were deployed by the bank for the security of the ATM room.

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