Monday, October 2, 2023
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The Courtois plaque is torn off in the Metropolitan

“If you want to remove the Courtois plate, go with a pick and a shovel and remove it”. Said and done. Enrique Cerezo responded in this way to the press when they asked him at the exit of the tribute to Ángel María Villar, about the desire of several Atlético de Madrid fans to remove the plate of Thibaut Courtois in the Wanda Metropolitan after the words of the Belgian in the preview of the Champions League final assuring that he was now on the good side of history, referring to the lost final precisely against him real Madrid in Lisbon when he defended the colors of Atlético.

Well, this Monday night the Courtois plaque located on the Metropolitan walk of legends has been torn off. Courtois is one of the players considered legends by Atlético, who places a plaque on every footballer who reaches the 100 games with the red and white shirt.

It must be remembered that in full celebration for the Fourteenth Real Madrid Champions, Jose Luis Martinez Almeidaa confessed supporter of Atlético, brought out his mattress vein and his excess of protagonism, when during the merengue team’s visit to the Madrid City Hall, he threw a poisoned dart at Courtois: “It made me enjoy a lot for a few years; let me tell you say one thing with love: those of us who cried with you in Lisbon are also on the good side“Courtois’s face after the words of the mayor of Madrid was a poem.

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