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The country’s artistic class mourns the death of Sandra Zaiter

Children’s show host sandra zaiter He was one of the most beloved figures on Puerto Rican television and stood out for his social and educational work throughout his life. The writer and pedagogue, who suffered an accident on the island of Icacos on September 13, 1975, during a day at the beach and left her quadriplegic, her friends and television colleagues highlight her genius, energy and strength of spirit, which they allowed him to move forward and make a fruitful career on television.

“My marmoset is gone”the presenter published on her Twitter social network Dagmar Rivera after the death this Sunday of the children’s program entertainer sandra zaiterwhose wake is expected to be on Tuesday, September 27, at the Ehret Funeral Home, in San Juan.

He added, “I don’t know what to say, give me a moment”, at the news of the death of the also singer, composer, writer, musician and pedagogue, who was being held in a hospital in the metropolitan area, according to sources close to El Nuevo Día. .

For her part, the actress Johanna Rosaly dedicated a few words through a tweet to express his admiration and gratitude for the ‘marmoset of many children in Puerto Rico‘.

“She taught me to build a fire and a tent, wash in the river, cook on stones… She was the great teacher,” she shared.

One of the personalities, who has also dedicated a large part of his life to children, is Joseph Vegaknown as the clown remywho expressed his feelings at the physical loss of whom he considered a member of his family.

“My dear sister, my Sandra, the favorite seagull of all your friends. How much you taught me! Now, to whom do I tell my sorrows and my joys. There will not be another like you . Everyone who was by your side experienced what compassion and respect was. My sister, thank you for always being by my side whenever I needed you! Your Joseito will miss you every day. I will always love you! #Sandrazaiter #friends, “she said through her Facebook account.

The presenter and actress Alexandra Malagon He came to work with Zaiter in various causes, particularly those directed in favor of animals, and took the opportunity to publish photos of the shared moments.

“How sad to receive the news of the physical departure of our beloved @ szaiter1. It is a great privilege to meet you, be your friend and neighbor, have the opportunity to work together, share the love for animals and noble causes, we will miss you very much. Thank you for everything you gave us for so many years. Your talent, humility, solidarity and smile will always be in our hearts. As the great teacher that you were, you leave a legacy in several generations in PR that will always be remembered. My respect and admiration Rest in Peace I extend my deepest condolences to your family, friends, colleagues and to a whole town that mourns you, “said Malagón.

On the other hand, the meteorologist Ada Monsoon She came to work with Zaiter on various initiatives, in which she highlighted the qualities of the communicator, which not only limited her work in favor of children.

“Through Ser de PR, we shared a lot, but it was after Hurricane Maria that we went to various towns together to give talks and support our older adults in very sad times. Sandra Zaiter was a source of inspiration for everyone. In the face of challenges, she always had the best smile, words of encouragement, and a genuine spirit of solidarity and service. Fly high Sandra! ”, She mentioned through her network.

While the producer Edgardo Huertas He highlighted, through his social networks, what Zaiter represented not only for him, but also for the country’s artistic class.

“Sandra Zaiter has moved to the garden on the other shore. I am left with her affection, her smile and that immense tenderness that time could not fragment. She was always a free being with wings of hope. I will miss your voice, your calls and your always beautiful words. Friend, co-worker, tireless fighter, you will always live in my memory. Thanks to those who made your step in this life something more pleasant, “said the also singer.

He is also a producer, actor and singer Alexander the First In his writing dedicated to Zaiter, he brought back moments from his childhood and what this figure later represented in his life.

“When I was little I saw Sandra Zaiter on TV, in this case on the now-defunct station Rikavisión channel 7. I loved seeing her singing, telling stories and teaching.

I never imagined that over the years we would be colleagues, we would see each other almost every day in the corridors of Telemundo and we would work together, yes, because I had the pleasure of directing her in a theatrical show produced by my friend Wanda Ivette Colon together with Remy, Chícola, María Chuzema and Dagmarita and among many other things I remember spending Christmas Day in her apartment with a group of mutual friends.

Sandra had a good sense of humor and when we talked we laughed at the things that happened to her. She told me about the experience of the accident that left her confined to a wheelchair and the experience of leaving and coming back to life because it was not her time yet. We coincide in many events and already in recent years, once in a while we met there. I think the last time I saw her was in Plaza Las Américas.

Your spirit had the wonderful experience of leaving and returning to your body many years ago; Yesterday, possibly, the time to be among us to be freed from his ties, to be free and to enjoy his next life with the Heavenly Father, may have been fulfilled. See you always Sandra !!!!”, published the artist.

On the other hand, the one known as “King of Hearts”, the singer Manny Manuel dedicated through his social networks to the “eternal Titi Sandra”:

“Dear Sandra Zaiter…I had the privilege of greeting you when I was a child, being taken on a school field trip to see one of your presentations…and years later the honor of being part of your program as a guest and greeting you countless times at corridors of the channel and various activities… Always Sweet and Tender as a Mother to Her children… I say see you soon * THANK YOU for dedicating Your Life to the Innocence of our country and my own… Rest in Peace Our Eternal Titi Sandra”,

A great example and inspiration has been for Axel Serrant, known as the globetrotterwho has dedicated his deeds to philanthropy, as well as being an educator and composer.

“Titi Sandra… You have left in my heart an example of great humanity and unmeasured generosity that will accompany me forever. How much you gave to Puerto Rico and to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you. You gave more than you had and that makes you a hero and we will keep you with love FOREVER. May your flight into eternity be guided by the angels and the love that overflowed through your gaze. Those of us who are still in the body will honor you by serving your most precious beings: the children. Fly high, seagull, FLY! Sandra Zaiter”

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